Questions About CPS3 and SFIII 3rdStrike


Im thinking to buy a CPSIII whit this game for my home use, i check some prices in ebay and i see other internet arcade dealers.

But im unsure about one thing, the game or CPS3 region.

In all places, USA ver. is more expensive than JAP ver. , but why?

What is the diference??

Another question is the diference between Ver.A or Ver.B? i read a little about it, i think in Ver.A works the Urien unblockeables and in Ver.B not, or im wrong?

In the screen says the version of the game?? or how to know the version?

Thanks for all the help!!

japan can be sent to japan to be fixed, capcom usa doesn’t fix the stuff anymore… they have no more coin-op division

don’t get version b… and ur right… the only differences are the way the game reads blocking and shit.

the only way to know the version afik is to do unblockables on someone and see if they work.

Because the Japanese release is more common than the American and people appreciate having the game in full English?

Enlish versus Japanese text, nothing else. The Asian release (not Japanese) though has English text but had all Japanese voice samples removed and thus less desirable than any of the other two regions.

Yes, also some Oro unblockable were removed with version B as I recall.

On bootup the game displays a date which corresponds to the version in use, something like May '99 for version A and June '99 for version B (or possibly June/July). Which version you initially get doesn’t really matter though as it is only determined by the CD and a downloaded ISO on CD-R will work fine.

Ya but you got to remember there’s CD version and non-cd version.

If you get CD version then ya its no real problem can allways get A version CD.

If you get non-cd version make sure its A version.

To know if the board is A version when you start up the CPS3 kit there should be code…cant remember it by heart but i will post it up later the exact code to know its the A version.

Many thanks for the info to all.

DH020 i hope to find that code ^^

Its possible to change the region?

For example if i get the ver.B, maybe the disc images for MAME work to change the version?


you can just burn disk images, the gdrom reads cdroms. I’m sure someone with it can get u a copy of the A cd.

Pm me if you end up getting a set up and you want the ISOs for ver.A.

im sure I can get them uploaded somewhere or just send you a disc.

More importantly though, make sure to do a little research concerning CPS3 hardware, specifically concerning the suicide battery. Personally I would not buy a 3s kit unless the battery had been swapped within a few months prior to. No one will offer you any guarantees so you have to at least do what you can to insure you get the cart in working order. Also make sure that whoever you buy it from packs the cart in a anti static bag. Alot of people may be be too cheap to do this but you should insist on it.

No, unless you are Capcom or have access to their proprietary tech for reprogramming the cartridges.

Possibly, no idea how their file formats work but I know their hard drive images can be written back to physical drives at least. Probably easier to just get a ready-to-go ISO directly from someone who has it though.

There are no GD-ROMs involved whatsoever in the CPS3 system. Showing off the buzzwords you’ve learnt out of their proper context doesn’t make you look like an expert, believe me.

Thanks for all , i think i bougth my CPS3 for a friend, i dont know about the battery issue’s, but still works fine.

take care of that battery, trust me. Especially if you dont know when it was changed. If it was me I would put it in the mail immediately when I got it and have that taken care of, if you bought 3s you gotta protect that investment.

let me know if you need that ver.A

w/e man, i’m not trying to look like an expert, thx though. i just dealt with naomi recently, forgot that cps3 was CD and not gd.

Hey I’m thinking of getting the Japanese version of this and I heard the battery hasn’t been replaced yet. Can someone point out where I can get it replaced? Thanks for any help.

You could always mail it back to Capcom of Japan…

some people at forums do them

ask toodles or someone who does business there about it.

BillD420 on the forums did them.

Hey thanks for the help!!