Questions about cr. lk os u2



Two questions.
#1 Do you guys think that this is a practical thing to incorporate into general Rose gameplay?
#2 Does anyone have a list of characters that the OS followed up by a slide or dash (on reaction to the activation) will work on, or will not work on if that list is shorter.

I can do the os with ease, just curious if it is actually a good os to utilize often.


Ever since U2 is not any longer invincible, it is never good to use the soul satellites as an option select :).


I was just looking for an option against good back dashes on wake up (the ones that jab os sweep won’t cover). I guess maybe osing a dash would be better? I mainly want to develop more practical os’s but it seems like Rose’s os game is rather lacking, or just very situational. Aside from basic jump in os’s and os jab sweep are there any other practical ones?


The one’s that jab sweep wouldn’t cover would be I guess Makoto’s, Chun Li’s and Ibuki’s and Rose I guess? haha.

jab O/S soul piede for those, sure you don’t get the knockdown, but 100 damage is a dent on those low health characters.


This might not help much at all but if you soul piede anyone who tries to backdash in the corner you can use u2 to combo into it to tack on 240 damage and for some back dashes soul spiral works too.


The one’s that jab sweep wouldn’t cover should be the boxer chunli el-fuerte and oiled hakan