Questions about dual modding a TE Stick (Xbox360 into PS3)

Hello, so i was going to take the journey of dual modding my TE stick but im not sure about the items i will need. So basically lizardlicks is selling a guess a newer Cthuhlu board that is a screwing one. I was wondering would that be reliable and how does the usb part work. And would i need to still solder wires onto PS3 PCB? Thanks I just wanted these clarified and also will any corded ps3 controller work? or could i use a ps2 controller PCB?

It does not look like you know what is going on still.
The Cthulhu IS the PlayStation 3 side of an Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 Dual Mod.

Also for any Dual Mod, soldering is needed.

Ask more questions.
I will answer.

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hahah jdm thanks i can see you like cars lol. hmm so where would i need to be soldering if i bought that cthuhlu board?

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You have Xbox 360 TE right?
And going to buy a Cthulhu?

The TE PCB is labeled.
What is done is you will match the labeled points on TE PCB to the parts on Cthulhu, labeled also.
So that means Directionals and Buttons of TE PCB also wired to Cthulhu.
The Ground of TE PCB connect to Cthulhu.
The +5V of TE PCB connect to Cthulhu.

Ignore the Imp part if you are not doing any switching of the USB.
Since you did not mention anything, that means you will have PS3 and Xbox 360 USB cable coming out Case?

With a DPDT Switch or the Imp, only one USB cable will be used.

With the Imp, you can set which Console you want to be Primary.
Just solder the Data- and Data+ accordingly.
To switch, you would have to hold a Button while plugging into respective Console.

If you buy the ChImp, which is a Cthulhu and Imp together, no button holding is needed.
Because the ChImp does automatic detection of which Console getting plugged.

I need more questions.
You are not giving specific.

wait so buying the cthulhu board i will still need to solder directly on the te board?


Unless you do this.

Or you use Wire Taps.

For the +5V, there is no solderless.
Unless you use a Wire Tap.

couldnt i also buy a wired ps3 controller and piggy back the controller pcb to the te stick pcb?

PCB has to be Common Ground to Dual Mod.
I do not know of any PlayStation 3 Controller PCB that is Common Ground, that is not from HRAP or TE or other Arcade Sticks.

how do you check? ok basically this is what i think is how it works if i order the cthuhlu board, correct me if im wrong. So i solder one side of wires on te pcb so there is 2 wires coming out from both points on the te pcb and connect the other side of each wire into the cthuhlu board? as for the usb part and the switch part i am still confused. Though all the instructions are made on the soldering cthuhlu not the screwing board.

Use a Multimeter to check.
Use a probe on only one Ground point.
If there is continuity for every point on PCB, then is Common Ground.

Right, connect the TE to Cthulhu.

On the Cthulhu, you can put the wires anywhere you want.
The little holes to solder to are connected to the Screw Terminals.

Okay, so you have two PCB connected together, each PCB has its own USB.
The Cthulhu is for PlayStation 3, the TE is for Xbox 360.
Your TE will have two USB cable popping out.

By using a DPDT Switch, you can use only one USB cable.
Because the Switch will control the Data Lines.

That picture is the basic of Dual Modding.
Connect the Signals and Ground and VCC of both PCB together.

Imp is the same, in that it controls the Data Line.
But it is a Microchip that has logic for switching when a Button is held down.

so for the te stick pcb part am i cuttin all the wires and putting it into the cthuhlu and the other part of the wire goes on the opposite side of the cthuhlu? and i though the ps3 pcb was the cthuhlu so do i ignore the ps3 pcb in the picture?

No, don’t cut the TE wires.
If you cut them, how will Xbox 360 work?

What doing is connecting the TE PCB to the Cthulhu.
Either by soldering another wire to the TE PCB, and connecting that to Cthulhu.
Or by using a Wire Tap to splice a new wire into existing TE PCB wire, then connect that to Cthulhu.
Or by doing that solderless way I linked with YouTube and Donovan Myers to connect TE PCB to Cthulhu.

There is no one side this, one side that on Cthulhu.
The Cthulhu is not the middle of anything.

One side of the Cthulhu has Terminal for VCC, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Ground, 4P, 4K, Start, Select.
The other side of Cthulhu has Terminal for Ground, Ground, 1P, 2P, 3P, 1K, 2K, 3K, Home, Ground.

That picture is generic Dual Mod picture.
Can be used for any Dual Mod; does not even need to be Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Do not ignore the PS3 in that.
If you did, then where would Cthulhu be?

ok so all i ned to buy is the cthuhlu borad and the soldering tools? no ps3 pcb correct?

Cthulhu is the PlayStation 3 support.
So it would be redundant to buy a PlayStation 3 Controller PCB.

And I don’t know any Common Ground PS3 PCB outside of HRAP or TE or other Arcade Sticks or Cthulhu.
And Common Ground is needed for Dual Mod.

Is is possible to turn non-Common Ground to Common Ground though.
By use of Hex Inverter and Analog Switch, Transistor and Resistor, Optocoupler and Resistor, and what other ways.

Since you did not type anything else.
Is this the kind of Dual Mod you doing then?

No Switch, just two cables popping out.

i was going to make a switch connecting 2 wires to the switch and linking the other to the usb part. also im still confused to why there are 2 pcb’s when i thought the cthuhlu is the second pcb since its the ps3 part?

Of course there’s going to be two PCBs. One is your TE PCB and the other is Cthulu PCB.

That is a generic picture.
And a Dual Mod needs two PCB, that is what Dual means.

You get it now?

And for the Switch, you’ll be putting six wires to it.
A DPDT Switch has six Terminals.

You be doing this:
PlayStation 3 Data (Cthulhu) | USB Output | Xbox 360 Data (TE PCB)
----------- Green ----------|— GREEN —|--------- Green ---------
----------- White ----------|— WHITE —|--------- White ---------

Also shown in Thread of rtdzign I linked to you.

Hows the stability of this type of dual mod? Ive heard negative feedback saying sticks break down after dual modding. Is it just past issues that have since been resolved and now its alright to dual mod?

isnt that grey block on top of the cthuhlu board?

That is just a Terminal Strip.
I’m telling you that the picture is GENERIC Dual Mod.