Questions about face plates for fight sticks


Ok well, I’m planning on modding a arcade stick. I plan on buying the new ssf4 TE stick and I was wondering if the stick and button placements are the same as the last Te for sf4. Theres a site on another thread that has custom cover plates and i wanted to know if your suppose to make a high res picture and put get a picture under the plate or if you if you get it painted onto the plate. That also brings up another question how and where would i get something painted onto one of those custom face plates and if all fails the original face plate. Last question until i think of another one on a scale form 1-10 how hard is modding and how hard is making a completely new fight stick and can i find videos on youtube on how to make one. I was watching a few earlier on how to mod and it seems simply just need to but the right parts and does this site sell the right parts to mod sticks.

And are these fight sticks moddable as well?


i’m not following at all. wot is your question?

u answered everything by yourself. are you looking for confirmation? then YES you are correct. wotever you want to do. art will be supplied from too many places. i think d3v is an artist, i’m not sure but there is a thread for current TE’s right now with too much art to list.

for the plexiglass, im pretty sure you will be able to get them from arthong at when they come out.

as for modding the current te difficultly level is ZERO

edit: those last sticks are they moddable? yes difficultly on some of those is 2 at the most


Cool thanks :smiley:

But with the art is there a place i can get solid colors and mixed colors and is there a play that well pretty much copies the art to the plexiglass. I heard someone from another place saying you could do that at kinkos is that even true?
And finally a suggestion. What would be better to go with inter-changeable art that is under a clear plexiglass face plate or a perma-plate meaning what ever is on there is it unless i buy or make a new one some how.



pick a picture from here or ask an artist to create one for you

tek innovation does laser cutting laser etching just buy them all