Questions about Feedback & Cumulative Feedbacks on Trading Outlet


I PM’d at least two Mods a half week ago but never got an answer about the Feedback system on the revamped SRK website.

I ask because I sold a joystick about a month, month-and-a-half-ago as the SRK website was getting revamped.

I can’t post or receive feedback from a transaction because I honestly don’t know where to post feedback and the information we used to have to fill out in transactions in the past.

Nothing wrong with me… I’ve looked, and looked, and can’t make heads or tails of the new system in place. There’s just stuff missing that used to be right there on the old website. It’s like half of what we used to be able to do before is gone, disabled, or shoved into a small cubbyhole on the Web that’s just unreachable.

I know I’m a tiny bit inconvenienced on my end but that I also have a buyer who would like to build up some rep points, too… And on that subject, what happened to all the points we built up from past transactions on the Trading Outlet???

You alluded to that earlier in your post, the site got revamped and everyone lost their rep n stuff.

Good question George as I’d like to know as well especially since I had 16 - 18 positive & no negative feedback, sigh…

i had a 107 feedback 100% :frowning:

43 100%+…
Gone too. :frowning:

I must say from a buyers perspective, the feedback system is very important to potential customers. Especially since there are so very few honest and trustworthy sellers.

yea i had a bit over 50 the first reset then a 107 after the second its kinda gay that they let it erase then reset it its like starting over for no real reason its the only way to tell if people are legit on here etc

I didn’t have that much rep disappear on me but I did have my entire sale thread disappear.

I’m curious about this as well. I don’t mind starting over (we may not have a choice), even though I had around 48+ feedback, but I do agree that there should be some type of feedback system. Thank goodness for PayPal though.

I think there should be some sort of badge system where someone can accumulate a certain amount of sales and they get a badge next to their name so it always stays with them. Something like the way we have a “premium supporter” tag for premo’s. Perhaps it can be something like a **per year basis **thing and it can be like 25-50 positive sales= bronze, 50-100 positive sales=silver, and 100+ positive sales= gold. Each negative sale would detract or take away from a positive sale so it would take longer to reach a badge level.This kind of info should be easy to bring over for each site update and each award/badge is controlled by the site and can be simply logged in a users profile under a trading tab (listed by year and number of total +/- transactions). You can also keep a log of negative feedback because that is what most potential buyers would care about anyway.

For example, someone can click on my profile, click on trading tab, then they can see a positive badge (if I earned any that is) with a number next to it representing the current year. Then (under the current year), they can see a list of any positive badges earned for any years prior. These positive transaction would not need feedback links or comments because most people just see the number of happy customers and they don’t need to read comments. Positive feedback is usually glanced over. It is the negative feedback that most people want to read about so they are informed and forewarned. So, the negative feedback should be the only section in the trading tab of a users profile that should contain comments or links to bad transactions. That way, there isn’t too much memory and archiving needed to transfer over whe the site creates an update.

I hope this makes sense to everyone.

at 17 with 100%(that’s still 90 less than ibeatu), but I do miss it.

With it being reset so much I think a system more like macross world has would be better with just a thread of straight shooters and another thread of people to avoid stickied to the top of the forum.Well really the wall of shame already does the people to avoid so you just need a straight shooters thread. Update that instead of itrader or whatever system will go into effect so when the next reset happens that thread goes nowhere and it is business as usual.

i had +65-70 feedback @ 100% too =(

I had 19 positives and no negatives myself, too.

Ouch for everybody else in the thread that multiple positives, too. We all lost reps we worked for…

Too bad that it looks like all the good will earned on the Trading Post in the past was wiped out…!

I hear everybody on the business of finding honest, reputable people to deal with. There are too many too-good-to-be-true For Sale posts that come up and end badly…

I have tried to figure out the new site interface and realized quickly that our Subscribed Threads became Watched Threads but some of the rest of it—…! the logic’s beyond me. Still figuring it out even though I’m not spending as much time on SRK as before.

I don’t care that I lost my iTrader.
People still know who I am.

I didn’t care for it with the old SRK.
I did not even tell for people to leave Feedback.
And I’m so dick about it, I don’t leave Feedback for them either.

That is so bad of me. :sad:

U didn’t have much feedback jdm otherwise u would

Because I never asked for Feedback to be given.
I only had like +7 after the first iTrader erase.
Before that, I had only +32.

I don’t give Feedback, so I don’t receive Feedback.
Before iTrader, we would just make Feedback Threads. :sad:

yea know theres nothing i had 60+ 1st time this time 107 :frowning:

Man, that is a lot gone for you. :sad:

I KNOW :frowning: at least i still got my 500 plus 100% on ebay got my first neutral in there lol so lame i shipped it overseas the day he paid and since it took like 3 weeks to get there he left me neutral feedback idk how that was my fault