Questions about Fight Stick quirks

I know there are at least two threads dedicated to Stick related FAQs and other questions, but I could not find certain answers I’m looking for. I appologize if I’m asking something already answered before, but since I could not find answers to them under the search feature or in the thread, I figured I would ask here.

First, what is the most commonly allowed number of buttons for Fight Sticks? I’ve heard most tournaments only allow 6 buttons, even if your current stick is built with 8 (or more for any reason). I have no problem with six, but if I’m allowed 8, I want to practice with every advantage possible.

Second, I have a Mad Catz SFIV TE stick for the 360, and want to get the best out of it. There are 8 buttons to the controller, but X and A are diagonal of the rest, which are inline with one another. Is there any advantage to mapping your punches and kicks to the left 3 (which are diagonally fixed), or the right 3 (which are inline)? Why would someone prefer one to the other?

If you need clarification to that, I will provide it as best I can.

Finally, do you prefer to hold the controller in your lap or to a fixed surface? I find I like a fixed surface better, but a table to place it on isn’t always available. I don’t like holding it to my lap for some reason, mostly just discomfort I guess.

A lot of the questions you asked are primarily down to preference. I recently discovered with my stick that I don’t use the two buttons closest to the joystick (working on getting a new face that gets rid of them ASAP) because they’re not inline with the rest and I find are harder to hit.

Some people prefer to use 6 over 8 and vice versa.
It’s not really an advantage having 8 over 6 if you can’t utilize the extra 2.
Just like some people like theirs to be diagonal while others find buttons easier to tap inline.

I’ve never heard of tourneys allowing only 6-button setups, I’m probably just not looking hard enough but that seems a bit…weird.

I prefer my stick on my lap since I always sit cross-legged on my bed when I play, I have tried with a flat surface, it’s manageable and nice because it means you’re not adjusting it in your lap every two seconds. But not every tournament you go to is going to have that feature.

its all preference. figure out whats more comfortable for you. Personally I only use 6 buttons because I don’t think theres an advantage to having 8 considering SF is a 6 button game. I use my stick on a fixed surface but can play on my lap just fine, and also the 6 buttons I use are include the off set buttons X and A because that’s what I learned on and is most comfortable to me.

Most major tournaments allow you to use all 8 buttons and you can map them however you like as the game allows you to. Many people still prefer to use only 6 either because they are used to playing in the arcade or it is easier for them because it is less buttons for them to deal with.

The leftmost 6 buttons follow the Vewlix curved button layout. It is ergonomically shaped to the curve in your three fingers. Most people use this layout as it feels more comfortable to them, and those that prefer the rightmost 6 buttons are mostly people who grew up playing on the 6 straight button layout used on American arcade cabinets.

The only reason about the 6 vs 8 button argument is whether or not it’s a cheater method of mapping all three punches and kick shortcuts to the layout. If I can’t use these layouts (8 buttons over 6) then there is, to me at least, no reason to practice or get used to them.

The question of mapping your commands to which buttons, the straight three or slant three (the Vewlix style), and the question about your lap versus a surface, was mostly general opinion. In the tourney vids I see that DO show the players, they are sometimes on tables, sometimes on their laps, although the custom sticks aren’t always small by design. If there is an actual majority answer to any of the questions, then there has to be a reason. If more people find it comfortable one way, then its something I might should at least give a try.

For the record, I usually take the collector’s box my TE stick in, turn it upside down and put the stick down on top of it, and use it that way, although it starts to hurt my back leaning over it too far. Also after trying to take on most of the hard trials, like Ken’s this past week, I found that with the slant three, my fingers where getting clustered too close together and it was ruining my execution, but I have been using that with Bison for a while just fine.

Just trying to find MY way, but I thought I’d get some community opinions while I’m at it. Thanks to the responses already provided.

Im not sure about tournaments allowing mapping for the unused two buttons. But imo i dont see any advantage to it. Its easier for me just to hit all three punches or kicks with my middle, ring, and index fingers rather than hitting one with my pinky, or having to slide my hand over to hit it.

I wonder how useful this would be to place your stick on:


You can use it to play standing up!

Real cute…

Made me laugh though. I guess I had that coming…

Thanks for the posts.

Most SFIV tournaments allow 3p and 3k. This is because the accepted form of input is the default settings in the game. 3P and 3K are mapped by default.