Questions about flip pressure

So i have a couple of questions about the demon flip.

First, when is the kick version (if it is ever) safe on block / parry? Is this character specific?

Secondly, when you have your opponent in the corner, which flip strength should one use?

it depends on the character ur fighting…u want the kick to barely touch them, but honestly speaking its only safe against new players, its something like -7-11 frames on block, better off with an empty dive than the actual kick, if your talking about the dive and not the slide every strength is safe on block, but on parry it has to hit really close to the ground, it also crosses up if you hit high enough on some characters

The kick isn’t used that way. It is good as a cross-up/bait attack. It can go behind someone when they srk.

Dive kick can be tricky if you vary its activation : deep, then really early, etc…

I’d suggest watching some videos of jr and therapist. probably give you a bit of incite into using his flip for corner pressure and building offense with it.

Yeah I was talking about the Dive Kick I should’ve been specific, sorry. So no matter where the divekick version hits, its safe?

I’ve been watching alot of JR actually and lots of Jiro, I love their styles. I find that the Japanese players though don’t like to flip too often, especially on shotos. Reason for this? Maybe just easy for shoto to anti air?

Jiro and JR both play pretty dangerously. And ya, shotos probably have the best response for demon flip out of the entire cast.

Also, when I hit an air tatsu, i have a tendency to reset with fierce and go into a demon flip to keep the pressure on. Does this demon flip usually beat out reversals? I’ve traded with a few srk’s in kinda a weird way, almost in like a cross up type manner. Should I try to go for guaranteed damage instead?

yes go for guaranteed damage, ESPECIALLY AGAINST SHOTOS, against characters without good uppercuts its a possibility but still risky, never use it against people with crazy reflexes.
and dont reset them when u land an air tatsu thats just dumb, you can do so much damage of an air to air tatsu,
air tatsu 1 hit -> lk tatsu -> hp shoryu/jab/c.jab reset
air tatsu 1 hit -> hk tatsu 2 hits -> dash hp shoryu
air tatsu 1 hit -> hk tatsu 2 hits -> jump hk tatsu… if ur jesus tier
air tatsu 2 hits -> jump towards them hk tatsu 3 hits -> hp shoryu or jab reset to a crossup
air tatsu 2 hits -> jump straight up hk tatsu 3 hits -> lk tatsu to end it