Questions about Freeman and 3s Chun Li

I had a much better question but I forgot it, darn it. just answer what u can.

I’m looking for freeman combos, anybody got any? I’m gonna figure some out on my own on ggpo. Also mixups, I tend to play sort of a rush freeman, sometimes though I like to play a tricky freeman since a lot of his moves are so slow and best suited for when the op isn’t looking for them.

For chun, I’m looking for some unique sa2 setups besides the usual-cl. hk, c mkmk, back fierce, back mp, back fierce kikoken sa2, hopkick. There is a shenanigan where you can sort of set it up with sbk but it’s not that great, especially against people who can counter/parry sbk. Anyone have some?

Thx for the help.

I don’t think Freeman has many combos, most of the time when I played against them in Garou, they did hop normal into normal into rekkas x3 and that was it. The rest was poking and trying to get counter hits

You can combo into his qcfx2+P super by cancelling crouch HP (or was it standing HP?), his other super obviously doesn’t combo

his rekka can set up his super because it can hit a falling op, and his hp rekka launches them into the air. so does his slding upper slash.

Yes, I know

For chun, try knocking them down and doing a meaty UOH on their wake up and combo that into cl.roundhouse and then sj cancel into super.

the strat guide had something like that. doesn’t wong like to do that?

everthing you need to know about Garou is here

Wong doesn’t attack, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. All he does is walk back, low forward, b+ fierce.

That combo is just general 3s. Everyone, I think, can do something if they time the meaty overhead well enough

You could also standing jab -> cr. jab xx super, and this is a good one to use because if they parry the standing jab, chun’s jab is fast enough to recover and start the second one before they hit you out. Unless they’re too far or their shit is too fast, which goes without saying.