Questions about Game Mechanics / Acquiring Frame Data

So I’ve been trying to make a solid frame data table for my main character Makoto these past few days and want to make it as accurate as possible, including values that aren’t in the tables on SRK or eventhubs.
Q1 : I know that the last startup frame and the first active frame of a move are basically the same, the question that comes up for me now is if this also applies to the last active frame and the first recovery frame or if those two are seperated from each other.
Q2 : What tools are there that can help me figure out the exact frame data of a certain move, such as Hitstun of a Jump-In attack and so on, without having to go into training mode and try to link stuff after or punish a move with something else to figure out block/hit advantage and other values. For example if I’d want to find out the maximum hit-advantage a jump-in attack can give me (4f SJ-timing) and so on.
Q3 : Whats the ground-recovery for regular aerial normals again? :stuck_out_tongue: i remember it being something like 3-4 frames