Questions about getting Metal Top Panels for various sticks


Ok, I’ve searched for about 2 hours and I just can’t find any info on this.

What i’m interested in is essentially duplicating the metal top panels of the Dreamcast Agetec and the Sega Saturn HSS-0136 Virtua Stick.

I actually want to make new panels for my sticks and cut the holes for the stick and buttons from the new panels. My problem is that I prefer a slightly different button layout than both sticks provide, so it looks like cutting new panels is really my only option.

Here are my questions:

  1. What is the exact material used for the metal panel?
  2. What do I need to actually cut the holes?

I really appreciate any help. I’m doing my homework for this…I have 2 Agetecs and one HSS-136…all just sitting around being useless. I’d love to mod them so they can finally feel loved once again.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Why not just trace the outline of the panel on your old sticks, & have a metal fabricator lasercut the holes for you.

If you like brushed metal look, go for the 300 series stainless steel like 304, 316, etc. Just ask the fabricator to recommend.

Go here for panel layouts:


The process lloop9 provided would most probably be the easiest as there is bugger all work involved, for you that is, however…

If you wanted a more hands-on approach, you could use a side off an old steel PC case. As long as the metal is thick enough, it shouldn’t be any problem drilling the holes, basically the same metal as the stick uses and it allows you to recycle. :lol:

Failing that, aluminium is also a good option.


Yeah, I’ve been there before… It’s a great site. I’ll most likely be painting the plate anyway. The 300 series…is that just a series of metal or is that a kind of paint?

To be honest, the only reason I’m considering doing it myself is because I figured it would be cheaper. I wouldn’t mind having those pieces cut for me though.

Ok, so now that brings me to some new questions.

  1. Do I necessarily have to keep the underlying plastic, or can I cut it out and just use the metal plate? Is the underlying plastic a support that’s necessary?

  2. Is there any place I can look into having a custom plastic case made? I personally love the feel of the plastic case with metal top plate, and the ease of use for modding. I figure some kind of plastic shop or something, but I’m not quite sure where to look. Google is my friend…

Again, thanks in advance for any help.



300 series is just a category of SS, different numbers have diff. properties, but they are widely used in every day life. Check out the materials guide below, you can buy small pieces there as well:

You can buy some acrylic sheet & glue them into a box, then mount the SS plate on top.


cool… Thanks for the link. I’ve also got some other leads as well on the metal plates.


Leads on metal plates? It’s easier/closer than you think. Lowes & Home Depot sell 12"x18" and larger/smaller sheets of steel. 16 gauge is what you want. They also sell hole saws.


LOL, awesome… it really is closer and easier than I thought. Check your PM when you get a chance.


As for the plastic under the panels, I’d leave at least the majority of it, for support. In the example of the agetec, you should be fine to cut out a rectangle around your redesigned button layout so your buttons fit, and you should be able to cut out the vmu slot so you can cover it flush, but I’d leave the joystick and lower sections alone for stability.


that’s pretty much what I was thinking… I’ve seen that done before too. I appreciate it… thanks for the input!


What plastic under the panel? I don’t recall the old Saturn stick having plastic underneath like the Agetec stick does.


Actually, in this case I was referring to the Agetec… I have 2 of them and plan on modding both, along with the HSS-0136 Virtua Stick.