Questions about Happ parts

I have a couple of questions about Happ parts:

  1. Why are the advantages/disadvange of the perfect 360 when compared to the competition stick?

  2. Why are Happ parts and perfect 360s favored for Marvel?

  3. Why are convex buttons better than concave and how do they compare to Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons?

  1. From what I’ve read P360 makes fliers like Sentinel more accurate. I’ve never used one so can’t really say.

  2. Happ parts are made to be more durable than Japanese because Americans are generally rougher with their gaming equipment. MvC2 doesn’t really require the how you say…graceful stick play…of 3S. I can’t really explain it, but MvC2 on a HRAP just doesn’t feel right.

  3. Fighting games require a lot of quick, accurate button presses. Convex buttons are easier on your fingers because they are rounded and the engage on them is shorter.

Hope that helps.

  1. P360s are much stiffer when compared to Competition sticks. They also have a very smooth feel since they don’t use microswitches.

  2. Preference and largely due to a lack of Japanese cabs in America back when MvC2 came out. Pretty much all arcades back then only used Happ or Happ-like parts.

  3. What tl613 said. IIRC, Happ Convex buttons were modeled after Japanese style buttons (Sanwa/Seimitsu). As for the differences, Happ Convex buttons offer more resistance and are a bit louder (to me at least) than their Japanese counterparts.