Questions about HRAP3 SA

I have a HRAP 3-SA, and I want to put some custom art work on it since its so bland. I was wondering if I am able to use the HRAP 3 or any other HRAP model templates since I can’t find one specifically for the HRAP 3 SA.

I’ve went on the Art’s Hobbie’s and I see that they are available for HRAP EX, 3, 2, T5… Would any of these fit the size of a 3-SA?

I haven’t used any other Hori sticks nor have I seen much so I can’t compare the sizing.
Basically what I’m asking is… Does the HRAP 3 SA share the same template size as any other hori sticks? Also, is everything about the SA the same except it is added with sanwa buttons?

Every time I tried to search this up the HRAP3 always come up, but not the SA. Sorry if a similar thread has been answered already.

HRAP3:SA is exactly like HRAP3 template-wise. Difference is nicer top-panel with easy access to inside, slightly heavier, with mounting plate that is Seimitsu LS-32-01 friendly, and of course the Sanwa pushbuttons. Hope this helps! :clown: