Questions about input lag


i’m wondering why so much people use a laptop to test the Input Lag of a external monitor… I can’t see the difference between a LCD Monitor and a Laptop Screen… so is there any differece?

Do Laptops have the same input lag as CRT (i dont think so)?

Am i right that a CRT is best to test the input lag?

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Generally speaking, I would not expect a laptop display to have low lag. Most of the tests I’ve seen here involve an LCD and a CRT side-by-side.
Notably, dedicated timing tools (like an oscilloscope) can give much better lag information than a camera or human side-by-side observation, but
they’re a bit specialized, and there’s more noise in the data.

ahh okai so u think these guys who test lcd’s with laptops r doin it wrong? Okai i can use a oszilloskop in my university but im not able to do it :smiley: so i think i wont do that… But the test with a camera, a CRT and the LCD is for “normal use” okai?

Methodology is an ongoing topic in the lag thread. For many people ‘it feels ok’ is good enough for normal use.

Edit: How you measure depends on what’s easy and how much you care.

Ahh okai if “it feels ok” is good enough for normal use then ill do it with a camera and my monitors.

It’s just a little “experiment” for me to look how fast my new monitor will be in comparison to my old one so i wont care that much. I defenately need a new one but if the new one is as bad as my old one i wouldnt care… But my old monitor is a 25ms, 4:3, 1280x1024 TFT launched in the early 2005s so i think every new monitor will be better :D.

Im lookin forward to buy the Asus VN247H and im just interested in how much batter it would be…

Also im just interested in the topic of “Input Lag, Monitors and so on” and thats why im makein some investigation in the internet to improove myself a little bit.