Questions about Ken



I have been playing Ken for ten months now But i still am having trouble when it comes to a consistant but not predictable pressure strategy. I dont really feel comfortable cross-up rolling low and crap, i ussually make some kind of jump in attack, which i have been experimenting with lately. The most distance i can cover in the shortest time with Ken is by doing a dashing jump xx lk or hk hurricaine kick so that there is ussually two of the last kicks that will wiff completely or hit the opponent.

My question is, what is anybodies opinion on this approach?

Is it possible that when the hurricaine kick (like the one i described above), connects, it can combo as it comes downward into something other then just a well timed super?

Im having no luck and i ussually end up get stuffed right as my feet hit the ground in front of the opponent, my only other penetrating jump in is a perfectly timed DP right before i hit the ground to try to stuff their anti-air, but that only goes so far for me as well. Advice > Welcome