Questions about LED buttons

I have some translucent buttons in my new stick that I installed with the intention of backlighting the first 6 with LEDs, but I have no idea where to start or what to buy, or how to install for that matter. I searched a bit on the forum but I can’t find anything really clear, or I’m just missing it completely somehow. So I was wondering if anyone could help me?

First, what kind of buttons are you using?
That will effect what LEDs and Kits we use.

Also how you want your LEDs lit up, what you want to accomplish?

I have Sanwa OBSC-30 Translucents, 6 of them in different colors, so I would just need white leds backlighting them

I would like to be able to change between “Always on” and “Lit when pressed” if possible, but I’ll take “Always on” only.

If it matters I have the new Madcatz TE2 PS3/PS4 stick

Easiest being the Kaimana From Paradise Arcade Shop.
Its a nice self contain system, easy to took up and it does almost anything you can think of.
It does far more than what you are looking to do.

If you want to gold old-school, there getting 3mm LEDs, drilling holes into buttons to insert your LEDs, wiring them all up to resistors and a on-off toggle switch.

There also kits like the KNserts and the FGW Led Controller (they do just White LEDs) from
You will need a small drill bit to install the KN Inserts, as you need openings for the wiring.

The Remora/ ArcEye3 set up as a alternative for RGB leds. The Remora was intended for older Xbox 360 Mad Catz TE sticks, and the Remora PCB takes the place of the Button distribution board.


So I’m here, not sure what I’m looking for though.

This maybe?

Read up on the Kamana thread

You would go for one of the Kits on page 2 and perhaps the breakout board to wire to your main PCB of your TE2.
Adding a LED board is similar to performing a dual mod so it would not hurt referencing dual mod tutorials.

such as

Ah yeah, I dual modded my 360 stick back a few years ago with the TE Kitty, so I have some experience with that. I’ll read these, thank you!

I don’t want to sound negative, and I’m not putting down any experience that you have, but keep in mind that dual-modding with a Kitty, Cerberus or similar board is far from the “old/normal” way a dual-mod was done; ie, finding individual signal points on one PCB, soldering/connecting a wire from that to the secondary board, etc.

There are some LED kits like the ones that Darksakul mentioned that are more plug-and-play than others: the Remora + ArcEye3s are easiest to install with Mad Catz sticks and PCBs, the Kaimana is easiest with the PS360+ or the Brook UFB, etc…

Yeah I’m gonna go with the Kaimana for sure, and I didn’t take any offense, you’re all good :slight_smile: I know that the TE Kitty was a WAY easier install due to no extra steps needing to be done

Check out these videos on Kaimana install since you are going that direction.