Questions about LS-33 spring mod / OBSFs

What’s up everyone ? Hey, I’m gonna build me a new arcade stick and I’ve been researching on this and I was wondering if you guys could help me some.

1) Is there any significant different between LS-33’s gate and Sanwa ones ? said: “Their joysticks come stocked with a variety of gates (excluding the LS-56), but the gates are thin and have a bit lower-quality feel than Sanwa gates” and I was just wondering if people felt it was a significant difference as far as performance goes.

EvilSamurai said this in the lizardlick thread: “The LS-33 w/ spring mod is IMO the best Japanese joystick. No long activations, sturdy gate, no pivot problems, and a quick return to neutral. Only problem is that I can’t put it in a HRAP without modding an LS-32 mounting plate.” I pmed him but I got nothing so I decided to ask here to see if anybody knows about it.
2) What type of spring would that be (in case this is widely known mod) ?**

I like the OBSF-30 but I wish they had all-black colors.

**3) Are there any Sanwa/Seimitsu all-black buttons that are similar in feel to the OBSFs ? And I’m building a wooden box, do I need to do anything special if I get snap-in OBSFs ? **

**4) Are those measurements correct for mounting the LS-33 as well ?

Thanks !

Damn… I checked the chart for the buttons before. But I was hoping that somebody else could give me a hand on that one since lizardlick doesn’t sell anything (all-black) similar to the OBSF… :confused:

Is there anywhere I can find some tips on mounting the LS-33 ?

Thanks a lot and great website by the way. If I remember right you wrote something about snap-ins being fine as long as the panel is thick enough I believe. Sorry. Lately I haven’t had much time to check on that but I will later today…

I used an LS-56 spring iirc.

Distance between top plate and balltop bottom on LS-33 is 25mm, IMO your best course of action would be to route out an area just below the panel of 2mm for the metal plate to sit on, then use carriage bolts through the lexan top to hold it in place.

TMO’s side view of an LS-32 mounting with flat plate.

Appreciate it !

Do you know where I can get an LS-56 spring or any spring that’s similar ?

So I take you used the same spring as his ?

Would you recommend anything for me as far as mounting the LS-33 goes ? (New wooden box)

Thanks a lot guys !

PS: I looked in akihabarashop before I asked about the spring and I didn’t see any spring for sale in there.

There are 2 “select” boxes next to most of the joysticks, the left one is for balltop colours, with the right one for individual parts.