Questions about major tournaments

Hello FGC,

I just recently joined this forum in hopes of learning more about the community as well as the games. This weekend I will be attending (spectating) SCR and it’ll be the very first tournament that I will check out. I’ve only watched streams for majors and other local tournaments, but I honestly don’t know what actually goes on there since I’ve only watched game feed…

My questions are particularly for the casuals setup in tournaments. Do the people there generally have decent skill? I’m a total scrub at fighting games, but I’d still like to interact and maybe play with others to learn more about the games. Is it common that people openly interact with others/strangers in tournaments? Any information helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

If people are playing casuals during a major they probably aren’t that good. Most the top players I know don’t sit around playing casuals between their matches, especially at a major.

just jump in at any casual station. its basically old school arcade rules. If you wanna play, just speak up. the whole point is to play with people you don’t usually play!

hope you enjoy scr, I’ll be there too lol

People who play casuals have a varying range of skill. Most top players don’t usually do general casuals unless it’s with other top players, so most likely the people you’d play against would be of average to high level of ability.

Even if you’re a “scrub”, I highly suggest getting out there and meeting new people, and playing some games. Many people are intimidated at showing up to offline sessions, especially majors, but you’ll find that the majority of people are friendly and willing to play a few games with you. Just be sure to speak up at the casual stations that you want to play, otherwise you’ll probably just be treated as just a spectator.

Good luck, I hope you have a great experience tomorrow.

Cool thanks guys! I’m assuming that I should bring my own equipment too… right?

Equipment as in your own controller or stick? Yes, definitely bring your own. If you don’t have one, I’m sure someone at the casuals station won’t mind letting you borrow theirs, however it’s best to have your own in order to avoid the hassle it might bring.