Questions about MAS IBM PC Sticks

Hey guys,

I got my MAS Stick for PCs two days ago and since Ive never had a stick before Im gonna put my input problems namely srks and double qcf supers down to not being used to sticks.

Ive discovered that I can configure my stick just as advertised on the MAS homepage

but my coin push button isnt recognized by windows as a keypress and so I had to assign both coin and start to the start button, which is ok but suboptimal.

I know that the button works because its needed for assigning new keys to the push buttons but outside of that i get no functionality out of it.

Does any of you guys own a MAS for PC and if so is it the same for you or have you found a way to fix this?

Oh and as a last unrelated question - did you have problems with qcf at the start too? I seem to almost always skip the :df: part so it comes out :d::r: and isnt registered properly by the game - any tips on that ?

Tbh with you I would go ahead and replace the pcb. If you put a PSX pcb in there and get a converter for the pc like the Super Joy Box 3 you will not have any input issues whatsoever. Plus you’ll be able to map select as the coin button.

Hey there tetsuo, thanks for the answer. Do you mean a PSX or PS2 pcb? I’m kinda intrigued by the premise but while it does sound great, could you point me to a tutorial/how to explaining how to set up a stick with a PSX pcb?

Thanks in advance, Anthu

If you don’t play on a PS2 or PS1, then it would be beneficial to just buy a single gamepad instead of getting a converter as well. Of course, if you plan to play in tournaments, the PS PCB is the standard (I believe). Otherwise, you can buy a USB Pad with enough buttons (it doesn’t need a common ground because the Happ stick doesn’t use one).

This shows you how to do it, but I can’t remember where I learned to solder. you don’t have to use that project box, you can move directly from PCB to buttons.

Actually, this site is fantastic too:

You’ll definitely want to replace the PCB, the default one has inherent lag.

Thank you very much guys, I was concerned that it might be the pcb but I didn’t want to go all out before hearing some opinions from people who have experience with those things. Ill look into your links aznchristmas and ill just go from there.

Just for clarification again, do I need a PS One controller or a PS2 controller?

You can use either or, but a PS1 pad will be immeasurably easier to hack, not to mention half the price to buy. Easy choice! :smile:

Ok, thanks for clearing that up man :smiley: I don’t have console experience besides from my xbox so I didn’t know if the ps pads were compatible. Ill just grab an original psone pad for 2 bucks off ebay then :smiley: