Questions about MvC2

What exactly causes flying screen? And how can I prevent it from happening?
If I kill off a character and the assist is behind me(im standing), is there anything I can do to it?

3rd question: it depends who you’re using. If you’re using Mag or Storm, you can trijump backwards with an hk.

  1. flying screen is the game forcing the character being hit with an air combo to go into a knockdown state. it is caused when a move that causes flying screen hits the opponent either after 2 jumping hits (within that superjump or before the launcher).
  • for instance, in magneto’s 5-fierce combo, the first fierce after the launcher pushes the opponent downward, the fierce after the airdash causes flying screen. if you were to trijump with more than 1 hit before the launcher, the first fierce would cause flying screen and the rest of the combo won’t come out. after flying screen starts, the attacking character can no longer do anything but normal attacks and jumping attacks (no superjump cancelling, special attacks, supers, etc)
  • flying screen is a different story before and after the apex of the attacking characters jump. say storm does s.HK, hold up to superjump cancel and follow, sj.LK-HK, the HK hits before the apex of her jump, so the opponent flys into the screen, and your character is pushed toward the ground next to them. if you do s.HK, hold up to superjump cancel and follow, sj.LP-LK-LK-HK and then HK hits after the apex of the jump, storm (the attacking character) will fall down together with the opponent, and storm can then hit them more, say with a HP to hit them off the ground.
  1. its hard to prevent it, after you superjump in a combo, any move that causes flying screen WILL cause flying screen. what you can do, is try and wait til after the apex of the jump to cause it, so you can get some extra damage in and have more time to mixup your opponent after the knockdown. some characters have combos that break flying screen but i dont know enough about that to explain it.

  2. like green said trijump backwards and hit them, you can also jump backwards, etc, etc. sent can just kick super, wavedash backwards under and HK afterwards

launch (call dhalsim-y) sj fierce xx fierce hadoken xx shinkuu to BREAK THE LAWS OF FLYING SCREEN.

nah, it’s just kinda nifty, glitches the game sometimes.