Questions about PCB and USB conversion

Didn’t find anything while searching, maybe I suck at searching or something.

Confused newbie here with a plan is to build a arcade stick, my very first one. I’ve read up best as I can and don’t see any problems anywhere except for the whole PCB and connection area.

I got a couple of satin silver DS2’s that I got no use for and was thinking of butchering, dunno if it’s a good PCB, apparently there are differences there. Anyways, if I hook up buttons and joystick to corresponding buttons on the DS2 PCB thru a terminal block or something, and then hook the PCB up to a USB converter via the cable connections I should be pretty set? I mean, it gets power thru the USB port or what?

And perhaps biggest question of all, where can I find a converter that can translate that ps2 signal to USB? How is the ps2 signal supposed to be wired into the usb so that the console gets it’s supposed to be a controller?

Really grateful for any help anyone can give me.