Questions about printing D3V's Template (Adhesive Vinyl)


So I finally got the opportunity to get an arcade controller (SE Fightstick).
Tossed in an LS-32-01, and some seimitsu buttons. (AMAZING difference from a pad btw)

Now it’s time to throw some custom artwork on the thing. Yay!

I’ve loaded some nice looking artwork into D3V’s SE template, and I’d like to
have it printed out on adhesive vinyl. Since that stuff is pricey, I really
want to print the right size.

A couple of concerns off the top of my head:

  1. What to ask for regarding printing size, vinyl size, etc?
  2. Do I need to turn off certain layers, such as the ones with red text?
  3. I used GIMP instead of Photoshop. Will it print out the same?

Also, will I have any problems cutting this stuff with a pen knife?

First time at this, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  1. 100%, no scaling, 300dpi.
  2. Turn off the cut areas(turbo/guide area, buttons, stick), and would be best to turn off the white border, give yourself some bleed area to work with.
  3. It should, as long as the place you go to can read gimp files. I don’t use it, is there an option to save an image as a pdf?


Exactly what I needed to know! Just went to a fedex office and did what you suggested. Pefect size.

Many Thanks. :slight_smile:


question, do they do the cutting too? like the holes for screws, buttons, panels etc.


No, you need tto cut it yourself.


precise exacto knife action i suppose?


apply your art on, cut the art out while the art is against the holes and go against the rim of the holes of course

do it slowly for the most precise and best effect

also be aware that fedex may not even print out your template due to some copyright nonsense


Just a suggestion, but you can also try just laminating the art and applying it with double-sided carpet tape. Only problem is that its more difficult to cut.


Jungle bolo.