Questions about resolution and colour depth in 2D fighters

as some of you might remember, my animator buddy is working on a doujin game project and we are at the phase now where we’re ready to start making materials i.e. spritework, backgrounds and effects.

One thing I would really like to make sure we get right is the resolution. We’d like the sprites to be reasonably big, but perhaps not as huge as Blazblue or KoF12 (that would take far too much time and work).

What is a good resolution to work at, and about how big should the sprites be on average? Can someone give me a reference to full-sized sprites that we could use for scope? The last thing we want is for it to end up looking like Million Knights Vermillion, but we would like a bit more crispness than Melty Blood/Guilty Gear. I guess it’s also important to consider just how much of the screen the characters should take up. The game is set to be a fast paced high mobility fighter like Blazblue, so characters should have some elbow room, but not as much as say Arcana Heart or SWR.

Another thing. What colour depth is used as a standard for 2D sprite fighters? I was thinking that 16bit may be the best bet if palletes are going to be used. The characters have fairly simple colour palletes (most of them follow a certain theme with a few distinct colours in order to make them recognisable) so most of the colour depth will go towards the special effects and the backgrounds.

If anyone with some design knowledge could give some insight, that would be a big help, thanks.

as a simple end user i’d say if you can’t manage kof12 size then don’t bother.

the problem is that we need to worry about conserving memory since the base we’re using does not support palletes (we’re using a pixel shader instead) which unfortunately means that larger sprites = more memory and that could possibly cause problems with content later on down the track. But I understand where you’re coming from. All new fighters should be in yummy HD if possible.

KOF XII’ s characters have Guilty Gear-like resolution. It’s not really HD, only the stages are 720p IIRC.

For an indie project I think GG colour depth is fine; you’ll never finish the game if you try to go for a KOF / SF3 style colour depth IMO.

yep, kof12 is same as guilty gear size 480p, i think.

that size but doesnt need to be same standards of detail/animation etc…

The sprites for most 90s fighting games were in the 100 pixel height region. SFII a bit smaller, KoF a bit bigger. Average MAHVEL sprites are probably bigger because of the larger characters as well. KoFXII sprites range from around 200 for short characters to around 250 for the big ones. GGX sprites are actually a bit bigger than that, with Sol pushing the upper 200s. BlazBlue’s are all 400-500 pixels tall.