Questions about restoring a Fightstick



So I came across a Chun li Fightstick on Amazon, used for about 125 total with shipping. It turned out to be nowhere near what the seller was advertising and needs a lot of work. My questions are:

1 - I am pretty new to the art of restoration and I’d like to clean up the scuffs on the acrylic housing. Should I go the route of Sandpaper? if so please list the grits and/or polish.
2 - The stick’s metal plates (Top and bottom) have rust. What would be the most effective way to clear this up?

I’ve done some research myself but I am more interested in finding someone that has a tried and true way of keeping the fightstick looking clear and clean.

Any comments and help are much welcome!
Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section.


Hi! Typically absolute question and answer thread is best. Most of the vets check in on there regularly and can give you the best answers.
Since it’s here though.

  1. Initial grit on the acrylic is dependent on how deep the damage is. If it’s just scuffs as fine as 1000 will be enough.
    Clean it.
    Sand it.
    Clean it.
    Dry it.
    Clearcoat it, to blend it in with the undamaged stuff.
    Go finer, 1000-2000 grit.
    Clearcoat again.

  2. Metal plates polish out nicely with a fine Scotchbrite or brillo pad. Fine as you can get. Polish the whole plate to get it looking even and then reprotect it with either a light corrosion inhibitor, a primer, paint, or clearcoat again.


something like this would be great for the rust
and you can touch up some rough spots with 0000 steel wool

I am actually curious for my self what would be a good clear coat for this type of cold steel, some type of non-gloss anti rust coat?


If we’re talking surface rust (i.e. the metal is not pitted, and still has a level surface) it should sand off easily.

Either way, clearcoat or otherwise seal those metal panels once you’re done working on them.

Seconding everything manbehindthewires has suggested.

You might also look into getting some Novus polish. It’s always nice to have Novus 1 around, but if you go for the set, you might be able to restore the acrylic alone with that. Sandpaper will do just as well.

If you have a buffing wheel, definitely make use of that for the finishing polish.


I appreciate the suggestions and will have to put up some pics of the before and after process once I wrap up. I will also take note about the correct place to post questions like this in the future. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!