Questions about Ryu Vs. Ken?

I have been using Ryu lately but i used to play Ken and Akuma.
I know Ryu is slower, but is it practical or even possible to try to beat out Ken or Akuma Dp freaks With a Ryu Dp. I have been Getting beat lately trying this aggressive tactic, but i dont exactly have Ryus timing down perfectly yet. Having played all three i really cant sense a difference when i play them, in fact it seems like sometimes Ryus Dps are faster. Need Help

Pitting DP’s against DP’s is a bad idea no matter who you play. It’s too random. If your opponent if really DPing that much, just bait one out and block it, then hit him with stand fierce, EX side kick, fierce uppercut, that’ll make him think twice about throwing out random DPs.

PSA: The most complex combo Streak ever does with Ryu is low forward, super. Don’t let his combo suggestions confuse you.


If somebody didn’t know you guys were friends, they’d think you hated each other. :wink:

And who needs anything besides c.forward xx super, anyway? :wink:

I invented low forward, shinkuu, 6 HIT COMBO!!!

:open_mouth: evil-ken can grab his bags and leave imo, we got new toptier right here

what’s about remy’s cr.fierce + flash kick? :lol:

i think the main thing for ryu vs ken matches are learning to red parry last hits of hurricane kicks, tapping the other direction when ken attempts a cross-over, and low mk poke xx super :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I invented that. See Evil Ken’s “Ken 12 Hit Combo” thread in the Ken section.