Questions about some GOOD psx fighting games, IYO

yeah, i recently got a psx mem card so now i can finally save progress on two fighting games that i got last year that were for the psx.
one was evil zone(bad graphics,great gameplay)…the other was inuyasha: a fuedal fairy tale(don’t ask, don’t tell),
but that’s off topic…

so, where better to ask this question…

what, in your opinion, are some good fighting games for the psx?
i never played the psx…or any games for that matter, between the years 1995…through 2002.
so i completely missed out on the n64-psx era.
i don’t know any good games for the psx!!!

i recently ordered samurai deeper kyo, and i know i’ll get jojo’s bizzarre adventure, but besides those two…does anyone have any suggestions?

i’m thinking about these particular games i’m gonna list right now, but i’m on the fence with these…since i never played em.

Advanced V.G. 2

Touki Denshou Angel Eyes

Asuka 120% Special version…or Excellent version

as for 3D polygon fighters…any suggestions?

keep in mind i’m talking about released in japan or in the u.s.a., doesn’t matter…i’ll import.

thanks in advance.

i forgot to mention i’ll be playing them on my ps2. that’s why i needed the psx mem card.

tobal 2 is the best psx fighting game and possibly one of the best fighting games ever made. Definitely worth the investment.

MUST HAVE 3D fighters for Ps1:

  1. Ehrgeiz

  2. Bloody Roar 2

  3. Tekken 3

  4. Mortal Kombat 4

Just Get em and have endless fun. Peace.

Don’t get the PSX JoJo’s, the version is terrible. Completely different to the DC/Arcade version. It’s not worth it.

No lie, this game is truly one of the most underrated, but best fighters the PSX has to offer. I’ve got my copy!

Rival Schools arcade disc.

really? i had no idea there was that much of a difference. now, that you say that…what exactly is wrong with it? the graphics, the gameplay?

also, i got my import Samurai Deeper Kyo for psx yesterday…couldn’t play it.

apparently the swap magic wont boot up import psx games. sucks man. I was really psyched about playin it too.

i would be more upset if it wasn’t for the fact i had already decided to mod my ps2…cuz a couple of months ago i got the Rumble Fish[ps2] game…and the swapmagic couldn’t boot it up…TOC is too large for SM to boot it up.

on the bright side i got melty blood actress again + hokuto no ken along with that psx game…so i am totally groovin on type moon shit right now.
i can see why melty is so beloved,…it has a really responsive touch to it…and a nice pick up n play feel to it too.
hokuto is just like any arc system work project…its kick ass as usual.


Yeah Jojo’s for the psx is completely different game. The stand graphics are different, capcom cut frames, name it in some way or from it was changed.

thanx for the titles keep em coming.
uh…nah, i wont get tekken, or mk, maybe bloody roar…but i’ll def put ehrgiez on the list.
yeah, saw the vid for rival schools…looks kick ass.
does anyone know the fighting eyes game? cant seem to find any video for it anywhere. anyone ever played it?

damn! the jojo news really broke my heart. i was hoping to play that game.

here is the list of psx fighters i’ve got so far…

angel eyes
asuka 120% excellent or special(dont know which is better)
saber marionette j: battle sabers
lightning legend
power instinct 2(perhaps i’ll get the ps2 version)
tv animation x
rival schools evolution 2
ranma 1/2
advanced variable geo 2
blue breaker burst
blood roar 2
tobal 2

if anybody has played these before n recommends them, feel free to tell me if its a good one to get, or to avoid at all costs. cuz i need to whittle this list down. any other good ones not on the list, let me know.

I really liked Soul Edge (SoulBlade) and Street Fighter Collection 2.

Mortal kombat Trilogy if you don’t mind UMK3 with added broken characters.

angel eyes - fun game for casual play, very offense-oriented, but most of the cast can kill you in one hit since everyone has multiple 100% combos
asuka 120% excellent or special(dont know which is better) - I have final for Saturn and it’s really fun and very combo-centric, can’t help with which of those two is better but definitely get one of them
saber marionette j: battle sabers - absolutely terrible, stay away
lightning legend - charming, but slow and only worth it if you can get it on the cheap
power instinct 2(perhaps i’ll get the ps2 version) - get both, they’re both good and play very differently
tv animation x - same as psychic force w/ different characters. just get psychic force complete for import ps2
rival schools evolution 2 - good, seek it out
ranma 1/2 - absolutely terrible, stay away
advanced variable geo 2 - awesome game, tons of characters and great animation and playability, reminds me of sfa2
blue breaker burst - pretty terrible, and from what i remember it’s more of an rpg than a fighter
blood roar 2 - good game, most agree the br3 for ps2 is the best in the series though, also primal fury or extreme for the gc and xbox respectively are expanded versions of 3
ehrgiez - everyone hates this game but me, seems shallow to start but has lots of depth with just frame combos, just like…
tobal 2 - probably the best game on this list that you need to get before any others

thanks for the 411, vagabond07.

uh, question.

what’s so different about power instinct 2 for the ps1 from the one for ps2?

at least the japanese version of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure had Pocketstation support. Try Slap Happy Rhythm Busters & Rakugaki Showtime(they’re both imports).

hey! that slap happy vid looks pretty damn cool!
wonder why it went under everybody’s radar?

This is what i have. old picture i have with games for other systems as well.

Bushido Blade 1 is somewhat fun. Never cared that much for 2, though.

Gotta pick up a Toshinden game, if only to laugh and remember exactly why so many of us skipped out on the PSX era games… early polygon games generally do not age gracefully :wgrin: I remember PC Gamer running ads for one of the Toshinden games, like, every other page for two or three months - we get it, Sophia has a whip and talks about bondage! :rolleyes: This was right when PC Gamer was devolving from a rag worth perusing on occasion to complete and utter garbanzo beans.

I’d stay away from any fighter that saw arcade release - PSX ports are (almost?) always complete crap that nobody plays.

And, yeah, definitely don’t bother getting Tekken for PSX - if you have Tekken 5 for PS2 you have the first three Tekken games.

yeah, i got tek5 a.k.a. “da masterpiece”.
but, i got a japanese ps2…so now i can play some psx fighters.
i recently ordered asuka 120% final…but that was all i could get for now cuz i had to order some other ps2 shit.
i did order the power instinct ps2 game though.
and yes, i’ve heard alot about the goodness of bushido blade…
but i won’t get it cuz i have way of the samurai and that game has a good fighting engine, it has a vs mode and like 20 playable characters in vs mode.

have u played the Toshinden japan only game for the wii?
just wondering if u did.

Nice collection. I’m tripping out on your KOF copies. NESTS Kyo on the cover of '95 and Shingo on the cover of '96. And is that another copy of '95 undernearth that copy of '97? What a strange cover.