Question's about SSFIVAE v.2012 Type X2


Hi guys, a friend recently purchase a Type X2 whit SSFIV AE v.2012, but the game come’s whitout Evil Ryu and Oni, i searched and i find two codes for unlock this characters, but all the time give me a wrong password error.

The discambler screen when you turn on the game, says something about the use only in Korea, so i think this codes will vary between country’s or region’s, anybody have a code for the Korean version of the game?

Also we want to change the ugly english voices to Japanese Voices, but again, we can’t find the option to change the language in the test menu.

BTW, what is the method to use the alternative costumes in the arcade version, i see videos and japanese arcades have the alternate costumes, how can i get it?

Thanks for your help!


you tried S2K7MB4Q the charters are time release so you will get them eventually or you can just install the normal JP version dump and use the normal password


I try whit the code above whit no luck…
As i know, the dump is not V.2012, and only 1 player version.

The game that i have run in a original Type X2 and is 2 player version, i mean is not a bootleg.


Last I checked, the alt costumes were tied to DoCoMo accounts or something.