Questions about Street Fighter names

One of the first weird names that I heard in Street Fighter was Guile (personally, my favorite character).

Looking at it, having the word Guile as a name is weird since it’s still not a name although it’s a legitimate English word.

So OK. The Japanese may just have misunderstood English context so they named him Guile. Still, they pulled it off anyway, and now Guile seems to be a cool name.

I’m now looking at the other names, particularly, M.Bison, Balrog, Vega, Dhalsim, Zangief, and Rolento.

Some questions:

  1. Are the names Zangief and Dhalsim legitimate Russian and Indian names respectively?

  2. If we take the Japanese names as canon:
    a. Mike Bison = boxer
    b. Balrog = Claw
    c. Vega = boss

I have no qualms on naming the boxer as Mike Bison. On the other two, however…

Balrog = Spaniard?

Balrog doesn’t sound Spanish and the word is only existent in Tolkien’s LOTR as far as I know. I don’t see the connection in there.

The name Vega, however, is Spanish and does it imply a Spanish origin on SF2’s boss?

Lastly, about Rolento. Could it be just a Japanese pronunciation of Laurence/Laurent?

The masked ninja with the claw is apparently named Balrog by the japanesse because as you said, Balrog is a Mithical demon, and the SF character is supposed to be really evil (at the same time is a contrast play about how the character is “beautiful” at the outside but a demon in heart and mind)

I preffer American names though…he is more Vega than Balrog to me, just as the Boss is more Master Bison than “Vega”…but thats my opinion only.

Sagat (suh GOT) (Arabic) meaning finger cymbals;jsessionid=2mycnvgu838le?tname=akuma-mythology&curtab=2222_1&hl=creature&sbid=lc02a

Myself I always felt that they gave Vega(M.Bison in the US) the leader of Shadowloo that name because he was named after the star, Vega. It implies a cosmic or powerful presence. The Spanish name Vega is not even the origin of the name/word, it’s Arabic in nature.

Also, Vega(Cape) originally had a star on his hat, but that was later changed to the Shadowloo symbol, the skull with wings.

What does Twelve mean?

Interesting theory Sano, I never thought about the star that M.Bison had in his hat in the early SF2 portraits as a sign of the Vega star.

Vega (star) is scheduled to destroy planet Earth and our entire solar system in 5 million years. That’s why I think Vega is a better suited name for him. Also yes, Vega is an originally Arabic word.

it is a name. it’s French and is pronounced “Geel”