Questions about super jump canceling and turning a B rank ibuki into an A rank Ibuki



Hey guys, I have a decent ibuki but I want to take her to the next level. One thing I’ll admit right off the bat is that I can’t super jump cancel. I can’t sjc from st.Hk, I can’t sjc into her ultra 2… I am finding it really difficult to sjc anything besides a back MP anti air into her comman dash.

I know to up my game I’m going to have to get this down. I’ve read like 15 posts in various threads here on how to do it but I can’t find any advice to make the difference. Can somebody give me like babys first sjc tutorial real quick? Like pretend I’m working with 50% of my brain and try to explain how to get it done in that context?

Other than that, my vortex is pretty sharp, I keep the opponents guessing with as many tools as I’ve mastered, so without actually seeing my gameplay, do you think you could give some helpful advice on what turns a B rank ibuki into an A rank ibuki?


I had problems with SJC as well, but a member here (Eltrouble) told me to do a piano on the kicks buttons after doing the c. st.HK and the tiger knee input and it work. I think the first step is to be at least able to do it, so you can get over the wall that it can be done.


There is no easy way to learn it. It’s literally just practise and getting used to the timing. There is no dark secret that will make you pull it off 100% of the time.

It also depends on if the cl.HK is 2 hit (e.g. on standing opponent after focus level 2/3) or 1 hit (tsumuji loop > s.MK > kazegiri > fadc > cl.HK).

For 2 hit you can try it like this from P1 side:
cl.HK (stick neutral) > 2369 in one motion, immediately after the 2nd hit, or time it in a way that a superjump comes out > wait for her to superjump (she did a superjump if she made a noise)

Once you figured out the timing with which you’re most comfortable with try this:
cl.HK (stick neutral) > 2369 in one motion same timing as before > now instead of letting her superjump you try to press a kick button the moment she starts jumpin (4 frame window ? I might be wrong).
To make the superjump a little bit easier you can plink the MK dash with LK.
If you get j.LK / j.MK you pressed the button too late and if you get forward superjump without anything you did it too fast.

Tsumujiloop > s.LP > s.MK > kazegiri fadc cl.HK is easier to SJC imo. I don’t really know how to practise this one because it just started working for me at some point lol.
But I try to think that it is a regular cancel and not a SJC. You can basically do 2369 K immediately after the hit connected and the dash would come out.