Questions about the arcana heart 2 stick

im looking to buy this stick

so far from what i know is that this stick

  1. good sanwa joystick
  2. cheap hori buttons
  3. will work with the ps3, gc and 360 converters
  4. i need to do my own QD
  5. its big and clunky like the other hrap

my questions for right now are

  1. is it the same layout as the T5 stick??
  2. is there anywhere that sells custom top panels for the arcana heart 2 stick?? (i want to change the button layout to the hrap3 layout.
  3. is this a good stick to get since its hard to find and ps2 hrap, or because they are too expensive??
  4. 30mm seimetsu will fit this stick right??

im a huge noob at this. all i have is a hfs3 which feels too tiny. anyone please help and thanks Ikagi-chan for your help so far too!!!

also, is there any where that i can find the full specs of this stick??
i searched that hrap faq thread but it seems they have another arcana heart stick that has QD’s.

Do a quick search. I remember reading others modding this stick.

  1. It does have the same layout as the T5.
  2. arthong has plans to sell clear plexi tops with the TE layout. I’m sure he’ll be offering different layouts or you could contact him directly.
  3. All HRAPs are excellent bases for sticks. They have a ton of space and are quite hefty. It may or may not have the JLF only mount.
  4. Yes but you might have to grind off tabs for the buttons on the metal plate.


I have two Arcana Heart 2 sticks…

As far as I know, both of the licensed Arcana Heart sticks (games 1 and 2) were typical Hori licensed sticks – ie, Hori stock buttons soldered into the PCB. If you wanted to install Seimitsu or Sanwa pushbuttons, you had to desolder the stock buttons first and remove the PCB from them. The metal faceplate, like 85% of the Hori product, has tabs in it to help hold the stock buttons; those tabs have to be ground down to allow Seimitsu and Sanwa pushbuttons to slide through. Note that the tabs are in place only for 30mm pushbuttons.

As for the rest of the stick, it’s Sanwa JLF only UNLESS you want to countersink screws or drill and put in flush rivets to hold an LS-32-01 joystick. (People have confirmed that other Seimitsu joysticks {LS-33/-40/-56-01’s} CAN be used with the JLF mount… You have to be clever and creative with spacers/washers, though, and might still have to use an alternate Seimitsu mount plate.) In that case, you’d mar the original art unless your intent is to customize the joystick art, too. The only Hori sticks that have universal joystick mounts (Sanwa or Seimitsu) are the HRAP 2 SA and HRAP 3 SA as well as earlier versions of the HRAP 1 (as far as I know). The other HRAPs and most licensed sticks that have JLF’s are Sanwa JLF-only. You can mod the JLF-only HRAPs to use the LS-32-01 but it can be a pain-and-a-half and should only be done if you have the right equipment (ie, a drill press or friend with access to one).

The AH2 stick has the HRAP 1 button layout – same as the T5 – and T5 plexis fit the AH2 stick fine. I’d recommend the extended T5 plexi for 100% coverage on the stock art. The regular T5 plexi doesn’t quite cover all the art…

Yes, it’s true the Tekken 5 (American) is generally cheaper. It can be had for $15 used but is starting to get to be a bit harder to find in stock form let alone under $50 now. A modded Tekken 5 is probably a better deal in the long run than a stock model unless you’re okay with a used (stock condition) stick that may not be better than good condition. $40 for excellent/mint T5 stick is pretty good. It is getting harder to find T5’s in mint form, though…