Questions about the Hayabusa for KOF and Tekken, thinking about making a switch


I’ve been playing on Sanwa for quite a bit, and feel that I needed a change. I’ve seen reviews where people compared it to a combo of
both the Sanwa and Seimitsu for 2D/3D fighters. Supposedly the Hayabusa is a middle ground, so it caught my eye. I’m looking to only
just mod the gate to the Octopus Octagonal Gate from Focus Attack, since I also heard that the stock actuator is thick enough to hit corners.

My main questions for all Hayabusa users are mainly how the joystick performs for Tekken/2D Fighters in general WITHOUT the Kowal
Actuator on both the stock square and the Kowal Octopus Octagonal Gate.

Of course, I don’t expect instant results from the joystick when I’ll eventually get one, but my biggest concern is just the performance
and mainly how long the stick might last if it was modded with the Kowal Octopus. Thanks!


IMO a middle ground between Sanwa/Seimitsu is a faster/tigh stick and very smooth…hayabusa is smooth but larger than Sanwa.


After using the hayabusa for awhile I went back to JLF for 2D/3D FGs. I have the kowal octo gate for it and didn’t like too much. It felt weird since I run JLF/octo/kowal actuator combo on certain non FG sticks I own.

As a Tekken player I use a JLF with stock spring slightly stretched.
Hayabusa flops around too much depending on how you have it mounted which can lead to while-rising moves in Tekken
making you jump etc

I have tried most of the retail combinations out for sticks but it really come down to preference.
Since you mentioned Tekken specifically where the lever and its control are paramount I’d recommend a JLF, Korean lever, or a pad and stay with one and master that.
Hayabusa would not be one of my choices with or without part swaps.


If you want an octo gate lever that better facilitates the quick taps needed in KOF and Tekken, I would much sooner recommend the Seimitsu LS-56 with its respective octo gate.


I would honestly stay with with a JLF. I do not think the Hayabusa is worth the price premium especially when in my opinion it is outperformed by Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks. Stick with the JLF or like Camacho said give the LS-56 a try. It has a stiff feel, a much better gate option and returns to center quickly. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite’s. Also when ordering it doesn’t hurt to add an LS-58 spring. Just in case you find the 56 spring too stiff. The spring is usually around a buck and will save you much more than that in shipping if you try to just order it on its own.


I don’t own the LS-56 but I agree with @PresidentCamacho and I trust his opinions.
Either try the LS-56 with an octagon gate (which makes it very good for non fighting games and platform arcade games), or stick with the JLF and add a LS-55 (1.75 lb) spring or JLF 2lb spring to it.
Note that if you use an octagon gate with a JLF, you absolutely need a custom actuator or the throws will be horrendously too long. Paradise arcade shop’s oversized actuators or the Kowal actuator from focusattack should work well for octagon gates.

Some people like the LS-40, but I don’t think the LS-40 can accept an octagon gate.


You’re right, the LS-40 has no octo-gate option.

(On a completely unrelated aside, I’m one of the people who swear by the LS-40).


Same here, to me the LS-40 is one of the better joysticks out there

Also for the record I also discourage the use of Kowal brand actuator and octagonal gates.


Your usual octagonal gate stance, or something specific about Kowal’s gates?


My usual stance stands for octo gates.

But as for Kowal brand stuff I think as long as there alternative get something else.
Kowal actuators in the right conditions wear-out faster than a stock JLF actuator, plus the bell is shaped wrong.


Just stick with the stock Sanwa bruv and I’m saying this as a someone with a nerdboner for Korean shit


I Just opened up my Q4 and looked at the Kowal I put in it not too long ago, along with the Octo gate.
Looks brand new. Not a single sign of wear.
Could be because my OCD self decided to put a thin coating of Shin-etsu G-30M around the octo gate. Could be from the Kowal being one of the new Nylon ones instead of ABS.
Or maybe because I don’t grind the fuck out of it like I do playing Gauntlet II on the Madcatz TE.

Idk but maybe the new actuators are more resilient to wear than the older ones. It survived some Street fighter 5, SF alpha 3 and SF3 third strike matches over at Mt Sac college, with no damage, so might be work a look now.

I wanted to compare the nylon one in my Q4raf with the PAS metal ones, but they’ve been out of stock ever since James T Kirk died saving a Star System :confused:

And I don’t want the delron long throw ones.


I have an assortment of sticks, each with a different lever - and the Hayabusa is my second favourite, next to my Myoungshin Fanta. Its over-all feel is second-to-none; however, I find that my execution is slightly more accurate on the Myoungshin Fanta, which is why this isn’t my number one.

I am using the stiffer spring from Focus Attack, which is offered for the JLF sticks; a firm feel and quick return to centre is what feels best and cleans up my execution; all of my levers and buttons are sprung heavily, BTW. I didn’t opt for the larger actuator on this stick because its geometry doesn’t match the OEM design, which would then remove the low friction / effort advantage, which really is what sets it apart from the other high-end-levers.

I am also using the octagonal restrictor plate, which is okay when I am NOT playing DOA. I’m having a hell of a time hitting perfect diagonal and fireball movements; often finding myself over-exaggerating my movements to assure a constant phoenix crusher. IMHO, DOA is more picky than Tekken on inputs, and is the real accuracy test. Hitomi has a counter-striking leaping-punch move which is qcf+P, just like Paul Pheonix’s qcf+2, and I’m hitting her move about 50% of the time, where as I am hitting his about 90%. I am hitting Laura’s Bolt Charge and Thunder Claps (QCF, QCB, respectively) in SF V damn-near 100% - for what that’s worth. I am considering to go back to the stock square plate though, as that might help me to hit diagonals more consistently - which will tighten up both my Asuka from Tekken, and general DOA game play.


You mean Delrin? Delrin (Polyoxymethylene or POM) is a superior material for actuators compared both ABS and Nylon.


sorry yes Delrin !
Been losing too much in street fighter 5 today. Brain isn’t working :frowning:


I went from the TE 1 to the Hori RAP V and have never looked back, use it alot for Tekken ( i have the kowal octo gate) and never had any problems pulling anything out.


Get a Crown 307 (official Tekken stick in Korea) instead.