Questions about the Hori Fighting Stick 3

I know this is the cheaper Hori stick but due to my budget, I am considering of purchasing one of these.

What are you guys opinions on this stick? Thanks guys.

I was wondering the same about this joystick. I just picked it up for $30 from a local gamestop, but have not spent a lot of time with it and was hoping it would be good for SFIV

Dude, have you tried the stick yet? Do you have SF Remix? Please let me know.

I have this stick, purchaced a week ago, its not that bad, the buttons are responsive enough without being great. The button layout is a little strange but its a low grade stick. I am not a stick player at all but from the breif time I have had the FS3 it has made me consider the TE stick as I want the proper arcade experience (I am not a top player its more of the fact of playing the game the way it should be played)

hmm…i guess i’ll be purchasing the Hori Real Arcade as my first stick then and use this Hori FS3 as my secondary.

Better off buying a FS3 to get used to practice on, THEN buy a HRAP to get acquainted with the real deal.