Questions about the HRAP3

So i was gonna get the SE stick, but after reading all the stuff about it im definitely not gonna get it. Is the HRAP3 gonna be good out of the box? ive never owned a stick before and this may be my first one, i probably dont plan to mod it because im not gonna enter any tournaments soon. im just a casual player, but if it does break and i have to get new buttons etc… is it hard to do? also is this a legit site to order from?

its the first page when i googled hrap3, and the stick works with PC? i might be playing some ggpo too

I’ll give my 2 cents as I just got my HRAP EX today, which is essentially the HRAP3 but for 360.

I can tell you that everything was working perfectly out of box. In fact, the first place I plugged it in was my laptop. Vista found it right away and it registered as a Real Arcade Pro stick. I tested out the buttons and loade up MAME with Marvel Vs Capcom.

Moves and combos came out pretty flawlessly. Simultaneous button presses registered perfectly. Then on to the 360 with SFHD, and once again, control functions perfectly.

As this is my first serious stick, I’m very satisfied. My actual first stick was an X-Arcade tankstick, and thank goodness I read about it here to find that stick is horrible. Good thing I took the advice to return it and look into a better stick. The difference was remarkable.

Overall, the joystick functions great. The buttons work nicely, but I think they could be better, which is why people suggest Sanwa buttons. I plan to get serious with figthing games again so I’m gonna get new buttons. And I’ve already opened it up to see how simple it was to swap the buttons. If you know how to unscrew screws and unsnap buttons and handle disconnects (pull connection out, push connection back in) then it’s a breeze.

If you check other threads about the HRAP3 and HRAP EX you’ll find some pretty good reviews.

Basically, I’m pretty sure the HRAP3 will function the same way. Many reviews suggest that it also can plug n play for MAME. I’m so happy with this stick, I’m ordering another HRAP EX and 2 more HRAP3 (I have 360 and ps3) for friendly competitions.

And may I suggest you compare the prices with Amazon:

Although Amazon is $99, rather than the $89 at, AS charged tax and shipping for me which came out to be $250 for two sticks. Amazon didn’t charge either so my total was only $200.

Hope some of this info helped. Good luck!

Oh yeah, and JUST like you, I initially pre-ordered SE sticks. But after reading the thread on the issues, I decided I’d rather not risk it, and just spend a little more to get a sure deal.

This stick was quite big, sturdy and heavier than I thought. Doesn’t fly around when doing some crazy joystick motions. Just love it =).

Thx for the info man, and i probably wont be changing anything anytime soon unless a button or stick totally breaks. where r u located? they ship in the U.S right? ill probably be going with the hrap3. how long did it take until u got the stick? ill probably wont be home this coming weeked so if it takes longer than 7 days ill order it next week. oh yeah one more thing it uses a square gate right?

Yep, I’m in the US, California. I was itching for the stick so I took the plunge and ordered it with Overnight shipping last Fri evening for an extra $10. I got the stick this morning, so the overnight shipping is accurate.

Their free shipping is the 5-7 ground shipping. Most of the time when I order from Amazon I get orders in pretty quickly. Course, I can’t speak for your location, but just from my experience, when I order with free shipping it normally doesn’t take up to 7 days to get to me.

If you’re ok paying a few bucks for 3day, or 2day shipping, you will most certainly get it in that time. Amazon has been great about that and you can track your order.

Hell yeah just ordered the Hrap3 on amazon, 1 day delivery. should be here on Wednesday, cant wait to try it out :).

Let me know what you think of it =)

EDIT: oh, forgot to answer your 4-gate question. Yes it’s a 4-gate. I’ve been use to the Octagonal gates from American arcades and that’s what I normally played MvC with. But frankly, I didn’t find the 4-gate to degrade my performance. The ONLY thing that seemed to take a little more practice now are Piledrivers from Gief. Other than that, I got use to it. Your mileage may vary, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

Yeah, just ordered one from Amazon and a bunch of Sanwa buttons from Lizard Lick and feeling good about the decision. Amazon will be here by tomorrow although not sure when I will get the sanwa buttons. Would have made the decision much earlier but was hoping to get the TE stick for the button layout as I have the Hori FS3 and was not a fan of the buttons dipping down on the right (wish it were straight). Also liked the idea of the start and select on the back. However, mad catz has unfortunately screwed the pooch again by making the TE stick impossible to find and the SE defective out of the box.

I still have a TE preordered on capcom’s site and for now will hold onto it but if the HRAP works out for me, who knows I may just cancel it (unless I can call them and try to switch my preorder to a 360 version so I can have a quality stick for both systems).

ah cool, i actually want to try the 4-gates, ive played on circles and octagons and dont really like them much (although i dont play them long enough to get use to it or good at it). i think i would like the square gates because doing something like rog’s low charge would be easier. good to know though, ill let ya know how it goes

Ah, you should be fine with this stick then. Have fun! =)

Just so you know, 4-way sticks and square gates are completely different. People get them mixed up all the time. Yes the HRAP3 has a Square Gate, not a Octagonal or Circle Gate.

Also, as another HRAP3 owner, I can say that you will be completely satisfied out of the box. I know someone who has a SE stick and I got to mess around with it, and within the first few hours of playing it had this weird lockup in the stick, like something was in the way hitting it. The HRAP3, I haven’t had any problems with it at all. Needless to say, the SE owner bought a HRAP3 off of Amazon too and ordered it Saturday, shipped it overnight and got it Monday. So yes, you’ll get yours on time.

Happy Gaming. :smiley:

I’m also in the situation. I’ve never owned a stick before, until the SE came in. I wasn’t too thrilled by it’s construction. In a way, it kinda felt cheap (no offense to anyone) because of the plastic casing, and the joystick didn’t spring back to center. It kind of gets stuck in the down position. Also the buttons seem a little flimsy.

Anyway, this is coming from a complete stick newbie, so what the heck do I know. I have the HRAP3 on the way since based on what I’ve read it’s one of the next closest sticks to the TE once I get my Sanwa parts put in. Both are on the way, hopefully soon.

I’d also like to hear more SE versus HRAP3 comparisons or experiences and I’m thinking there’s plenty of us out there since the TE is limited or not meeting expectations.

I just got my HRAP3 from Arcade Shock on Friday. I ordered all new Sanwa buttons (black and white) and a new Sanwa black ball for the already existing Sanwa stick.

Still waiting on 2 more buttons to come in the mail before I mod it, but so far I am very impressed with the original hardware. MK vs DC is a COMPLETELY different game with this stick…MUCH BETTER.

I can’t wait to pick up my SFIV CE at Best Buy tomorrow morning.

Here’s a pic of what my finished product will look like:

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It’s going to look sweet! I’m going with the white bat or ball, with the white buttons…all Sanwa. Did you get the mesh ball or just regular black?

Have you tried an SE stick? Just wondering how they compare with the HRAP?

Thanks! I couldn’t find the mesh ball, but I can always get one later. The white ball on the TE Stick looks great, but remember…the white select/start buttons are on the back of that stick so they don’t show when you’re looking at it. In other words, the select/start buttons are on the top of the HRAP3 stick with the rest of the buttons so you have to balance those colors with the rest of the configuration. Thus…a black ball is more balanced. In the end it’s all about personal preference though…

got a quick question.

what size nut driver do i need to remove the faceplate screws ?

same as hrap2 …7mm nutdriver ?

Correct. Or pliers, like I did =P