Questions about the Hyper SFII Anniversary cps2 boards


hi all,

i already have the green ssf2x cps2 board, but looking to treat myself to the Hyper Anniversary board sometime in the near future also :lovin: i know some will say it’s not worth it, etc, but i’m just in the mood to treat myself

so it comes in two versions: the green board, and the all-in-one black board. the black board being jpn only, with the simm chips like progear no arashi and the cps3 games; and the green board, which is either jpn or asian (english language). and if possible, i’d want to get the black board. partly because it’s quite rare, and might hold it’s collector’s value a bit better. but also because the roms are on simm chips, so you’re a lot less likely to get stung with a bootleg copy :sweat: (although i’ll only be dealing with the professional pcb re-sellers in japan/hong kong - but you never know!)

so, the black boards, as far as i know, do have the suicide battery. but is it the same 1/2 size 9 volt battery as a normal cps2 board? and being an all-in-one board, do the black pcbs still have the noisy fan? (and if so, is it the same one, as i have modded my japanese cps2 mobo with an almost silent fan of the same exact size/voltage).

i see they have a hole with a small switch inside, but i gather this is just a pot for the sound volume (?). do the black pcbs have a test switch (as i don’t have one on my supergun, but i could wire something up)?

any and all help is greatly appreciated :wgrin:


anyone…? :smiley: