Questions about the PC version of AE

Okay, I already know I’m gonna get some hate for saying this, but hear me out first.

Right now, I have SSF4AE on my PC pirated. Yeah, I’m a filthy little pirate, deal with it. However, I only do it because I really can’t afford to buy many games. Money’s tight, y’know? However, I found somewhere selling SSF4AE for PC for really cheap, and I would like to play online, so I plan to buy it.

Here’s my first question… If I uninstall my pirated version of AE and then install the legit one, will I have any sort of problems? Will they be able to detect that I previously had a pirated version of AE, and thus prevent me from accessing online?

Second question, can I use the unlocker tool to get all the colors and stuff, or will they ban me from online for that? I assume that using the costume changer tool will almost certainly get me banned from online though, so I don’t plan to use that anyway…

Third question, my download speed is about 600KB/s and my upload speed is about 40KB/s… Will I have lag issues?

Fourth question, about how much bandwidth does a single online match consume? I’ve got a bandwidth cap…

Heya, I’m gonna answer all this without judging ya… *COUGHCOUGHFilthyPirateCOUGHCOUGH

Firstly, I think a pirated AE is one copy of AE without a key to go online and access battles online, thus comes to the conclusion that a pirate AE with a legitimate CD-KEY from a real AE would make it real since all you need is the CD-KEY to access online. If you think that just putting in a key to your GFWL account might make it real then go ahead!!! Besides the CD-KEY will only grant you access to online and replays in the GFWL network for ONE GFWL account. Other than that I think there would be no problems.

Secondly, if you’re using the unlocker tool, there should NO PROBLEM at all, after all its in the game right? Just for colours and icons and titles are fine. Costumes… I’m not too sure since in SFIV, there has been a swap in the costume since they can be accessed from the DVD but that could be just me. But you;re right to assume that doing so will get you banned.

Finally, the game is like other games in trems of bandwith since the game only transmit input data and syncing them to your and the opponent’s computer doesn’t take too much… I hope. As for lag issues, it’s the same for all game, it depends to where you’re connecting that will affect the connectivity issue of the game… as well as hardware now that you mention PC. As long as your PC is up for it I think you won;t run into any lag issues unless there is a glitch behind it… Hope that helps and sorry if anything is missing from this. XP

The only thing you need to do to turn a pirated version into legit is to input a valid key.

I was unable to get a retail disk where I live so instead I downloaded it from a torrent site and used my legal key (bought from steam) to activate online modes.
I didn’t use steam to install the game because…

1/ At the time I purchased I wanted to buy the costume pack, but they were unavailable at the time on Steam.
2/ I saw no point in having Steam/GFWL/SSF4AE all running at the same time in order to play the game when it only REALLY needs GFWL (If it could be ran without GFWL I would have done that as well.

I have used the unlocker tool to unlock colors/icons etc… and have had zero issues online.

Yeah my PC itself is plenty good enough for the game. I can run it on max settings and still get like 80FPS in the benchmark tool.

Okay uh… one more question…
If I have the key for SSF4AE, can I use it to log in to other GFWL games that I have? Er, needless to say, they all happen to be pirated as well >_>;

Nope, the key is locked to that game/GFWL profile forever once you use it.

You can however install the game 1,000,000 times with the same key though.

Here’s the problem that I have:
I bought the Steam version, but the original keyboard/controller patch came out for the other downloadable versions first, so I downloaded an ISO and used the key I got with the Steam version and the game worked fine and it downloaded the patch without problems. The problem now is though, my original Steam version refuses to update. When I started it up the other day, I thought it would download the latest patch, but it doesn’t seem to see it. The “pirated” version again works fine. It downloaded and applied the patch without problem. Now though that I have two versions of this game installed. I’d prefer to keep the original Steam version, but it’s not updating correctly. Anyone know how to fix this?

tl;dr: Have two versions of the game. Legit version refuses to update. “Pirated” version works fine. Fix, anyone?

Here’s the odd thing. I actually managed to tie the game key to two different accounts. I gave the second account to a friend and we can play online at the same time against each other with the same key lol. It doesn’t work for a third account though. Must’ve been a bug or something but I have two accounts tied to the same key!

The game has been shipped :smiley:
In just a few days, I’ll be getting my ass kicked online! XD

Hit me up on the PC. My name is PricyGolf (stupid random LIVE generator). We can get some matches going to test out your connection and all that.

Well, I don’t have it yet XD I’ll send you a message once I get it though. I’m pretty terrible at the game though. XD

lmao, i’m no pro. I could use the experience fighting online tho. All my exp is from offline matches.

Can’t be worse than my experience. All I can do is fight the AI and the shitty neighbor kid who can’t even throw a fireball.

Lmao I think Ryu said the same thing at one point

I don’t get it. How can you afford a PC that can run the game like that, while still having pirated games (I know you just bought AE, but you also said you have other pirated games)? o_O

He clearly spent all his money on a bitching PC without realising that he wouldn’t be able to afford to buy the games after it.

I run mine well beyond Max settings here.

First I disabled these settings in the game itself “Vsync, antialiasing and filtering”…

Then I force the same settings (plus others) in the driver itself…

This enables me to put settings like Antialiasing higher (32x) then the game normally allows (16x) and to activate settings that are not in the games options!

Doing this made my framerate go from 250fps down to a constant 80fps, but oh boy is it worth it!

@Everyone. Forcing Antialiasing in your drivers will slow your PC far less then doing it ingame and will likely enable you to go at least 1 or 2 settings higher with the same speed impacts a lower setting will. (Only tested it with Nvidia myself)

I would suggest changing your pre rendered frames to 0

@Trife88, well spotted.
Fixed it in my game and re-uploaded the image of my driver settings. :wink:

Quick benchmark showed no change in speeds at all.

The PC was a birthday gift from my uncle.