Questions about the PC version of AE

So how much does this actually increase the visual of the game? I have it maxed out as well but only through the software, I havent messed with the Nvidia panel. I have close to the same specs as yours Samus, so I should be able to do a lot of what you did.

Do it and have a look for yourself :wink:
You user is the best judge of what difference it makes.

But certainly do it for the AA, as that alone makes a MASSIVE difference to speed.

Here is a post from someone else that took my AA advice.

In my case the frame rate went from 150fps to 250fps after forcing AA with drivers instead.

Its the other changes that brought it back to the constant 80fps I have now.

Changing pre-rendering doesn’t reflect the speed…but how many frames are processed by your video card…anything that isnt 0 would cause delay even if its decimal delay…depending on how good your rig is…basically your gpu is processing 3 frames ahead of each other if im correct…and its so little you can do to make this game a graphical master piece…the technology is more than 4 years old…imho u honestly dont need AA at high res like 19xx x 18xx…its no point everything is moving so fast why even bother…save that for BF3 or something


I just took AA to the max because I can and still be fast enough for smooth gameplay :sunglasses:

Another question. I’m not totally sure how GFWL works so… This may be a stupid question.
I have some other cough less than legitimate GFWL games on my PC. Could I log into them using the account I make for AE and at the very least, get achievements for them?

Not sure, I don’t pirate games

ae pc is so freakin awesome

Alright my game came in!
Gamertag: Aikawa Kizuna
If you’re interested in playing some time, send me a GFWL friend request. I’m not playing right now though. I just did a few matches, but I’ve got some stuff to do now. Keep in mind, I am TERRIBLE at this game and I would REALLY appreciate if people who are insanely good didn’t challenge (and therefore humiliate) me. I mean, I don’t mind losing or anything, but you know, one-sided beatdowns are never fun :smiley:

Is it just me or is the AE PC matchmaking completely broken? I can’t connect to any of my friends, and I can’t connect to Ranked or Endless matches half the time.

Make sure you put Same skill when you search a ranked match, it’s not 100% fiable but it will try to match your search. And about the friends you can’t join, there is this annoying bug where you can’t join some friend’s Endless matches. I have a couple of friends I can’t play due to this bug.

Er… That kind of sounds like something Capcom should have fixed by now… Is that also in the console versions?
Also it’s not just friends, even random matches in Ranked and Endless won’t let me join.
And I’ve tried every set of options and I still have problems finding and connecting to matches.

This is down to router/firewall setup on 1 or both ends, there isn’t a random bug that stops certain specific people playing you. Make sure you both have the necessary ports forwarded.

Failing to join games when doing quick searches for ranked etc. is often just down to the matchmaking system that GFWL uses. It’s not a problem with a specific person, it’s just that the system doesn’t reserve a slot when it tries to join a hosted game, everyone pulls up the same list of available lobbies and whoever gets in first wins, everyone else gets a ‘unable to join game’ error.

I have to forward ports? I thought retail games did that automatically. What do I have to forward?

I did not have to forward any port in my router to play this. easiest way to get games:

-play arcade mode
-set fight request ON for ranked battles, any region, any skill etc

easier to let people come to you, usually someone challenges within 10 secs of arcade match starting

This is what I do.

Usually I get challenged a good 10 times or so before I get to the end of Arcade mode.

But I don’t want Any Skill, I suck at the game >>
I’m quite frankly sick of matching up with people with 2000+ points because I can’t do anything against them <

Actually, I will correct myself, I do the same except for that option.

I choose “same skill” because I suck at the game as well

Thanks, me and my friends will try to open these ports and try again.
TCP 80
UDP 88
UDP 3074
TCP 3074
UDP 53
TCP 53

I call bullshit.

lol yun + yoga tower = win