Questions about the Street Fighter 3 series


Graphics in 2nd Impact

In New Generation, many characters had stages that took part at three different time periods, although many characters shared stages.

In 2nd Impact, Ibuki no longer has the ninjas in her background and Elena’s stage no longer had the Africans nor the fighters. At the same time, Ken, Alex, Sean and Gill all received new stages.

2nd Impact was the only game in the Street Fighter 3 series where EVERY character including Akuma had their own unique stage. While 3rd Strike had more characters, the stages were again restricted to character sharing such as Ken and Alex, Twelve and Necro, Yun and Yang and Sean and Oro.

Was 2nd Impact graphically high in that it couldn’t handle the different time periods as well as the extra background interactions since everyone had their own stage?

Comparison to Alpha series

People say that a roster is not the most important part of a game. Yet, I found it odd that the Alpha series was well received and that Alpha 3 in particular was well liked and at the same time, every character that you grew up playing was present in the game.

What I thought strange was that if Capcom said they weren’t bringing back anyone from the SF series in Street Fighter 3, why is it that only Ken and Ryu were brought back as opposed to others such as Cammy, Guile, Sagat and at the time, Chun Li? Was it Chun Li’s return in 3rd Strike that made people aware of the SF3 series?

Or rather, was it because so many characters were missing that Street Fighter 3 was not well received?


And the point of these questions are. . . ?


People bitched cuz Ryu and Ken weren’t in 3 initially. Capcom probably decided that they’d better throw in an oldie every later game: Gouki for 2nd Impact and Chun Li in 3rd Strike.


Yeah, thats what I was going to say


I wouldn’t have minded so much if Ryu and Ken weren’t in it but I needz some Chun-li!


Ryu & Ken were always in 3. They bitched because they were the only returning from the II roster.

“Graphic” compability has nothing to do with it. Lazyness does though.

People have a hard time excepting change, or something new. Not a secret. 3 was great, but because the roster was almost entirely new, people bitched. So, they added more II characters with each update of 3. Simple.


Graphics probably had nothing to do with the stages.

Lazyness either.

They probably didn’t feel like paying artists to do like 60 different stage backgrounds. That’s time and money that could be spent elsewhere in the company. Shared stages don’t even bother most people. Making 4000 different stages won’t change shit. Games are playable and have enough variety with like, 12. Stages = money and artists time. When it comes to making a game/movie/whatever, laziness is very seldom the reason why its not done, money and time valuable to someone in charge are.


sf3 didn’t make any sales, that’s why they kept bringing back characters.


They weren’t initially new generation was gonna be exact as the title implied, a new generation. But Capcom realized that would be stupid to not have the series mains.
Also I think people had problems with there being a new cast as well as it being a small one.


SFIII would be like KOF Neowave or something if Capcom didn’t put the main Ansatsuken users in there. Think about having Sean’s fucked up hurricane kick and dragon punch at Evo instead of Ryu’s, Ken’s, or Akuma’s…:rofl:


What are you talking about? 3rd Strike had what, 20 characters? 60 and 4000 is the most retarded exaggeration, ever. Stop it.

Capcom’s lazy, period. If it wasnt a lazy factor, and a money issue with “hiring more artist”, explain 3rd Strike not only having NEW stages, but new characters aswell? What, they just stopped at 16 stages, because they were broke? Bullshit. They just decided they could get it out faster, if they “Color Banlance” some stages for more than 1 character to use.

It sold (Arcade Only, remember?), based on the the name alone. It’s RECEPTION was shit, though. Thats why they put out updates. But hell, maybe they just wanted to milk it for all its worth. Remember Chapion, Turbo, Super, etc? Same story.

Naw. They were in all the first screens, artwork, and everything way back when it was first announced.


I think I know what he’s asking, and it’s how Capcom was using the CPS3 at the time. They weren’t 100% perfect in using the capabilities of it, so you have the various BGs +/- some things, and when you did supers that goofy BG would pop up because how they handled visuals didn’t make it easy for them to maintain both the super animation+shadows and the pretty BGs. With 3S’ total overhaul in the graphical department(how they handled BGs) it allowed some other things they couldn’t do before.

This may not be 100% true, but I remember reading about this when 3S was being announced.

And really, I’d prefer Sean’s unpolished style if one of the two weren’t there. Maybe just having Ken in the BG cheering Sean on as he has nothing left to prove, and having Ryu there as a part-time mentor/sparring partner so Sean could learn the non-flashy side of their style. w/e Just old preferences popping up again.


I’m talking before beta/screens etc

Tiamat’s plot guide


Where’d you get “Beta Screens” from that quote? I ‘ve NEVER seen a single “Beta Screen” giving away any indication that Ryu and Ken werent in the game.’

I’m sure in development/concept, they werent in it. But by the time WE saw, they were in it. :rofl:


I meant before beta OR screens were released, they weren’t there, they were added in.

I left a part out.


i heard sean was downgraded when they decided to put ryu and ken in it, ryu and ken were last added, and added easilly because of seans sprites

makes sense to me.


Co-sign, more or less. Sean’s original moveset had some wicked attacks that looked like they actually hurt (his original Dragon Smash being a SRK where he punches you back down afterward was freakin’ cool), and they seemed to fit into SFIII’s semi-grappler fighting style better. Of course, Ryu and Ken are cool, too.


Sean is (was) so much cooler.

Couldn’t they have just let Ken and Ryu in the game without downgrading Sean? (Although perhaps unintentionally they failed to nerf Sean in 2nd Impact)


sean was the shit in 2i.

fuck capcom and fuck 3s for nerfing him.


60 is a realistic number, considering if you had a timed stage for each character, yes you would end up with 60 stages :stuck_out_tongue:

4000 was an actual exaggeration. They stoppe at 16 stages because thats enough and would cost them more money and the game might come out later! Again, laziness does not matter to a developer since people are getting paid to do the work. You don’t hire more artists, rather you give your current background artists different work within the company or if they’re outsourced you don’t pay them any more. Laziness has absolutely nothing to do with game development because salaries exist.