Questions about the TE stick (modding)


So I am going to be putting on some new art on my TE stick.

However, the red plastic bezel is not going to work so I need to repaint it. What paint would work well that wouldn’t stay tacky or look super glossy (want it matte).

Also, I only use the standard 6 buttons, and have button plugs in the last 2. When I apply my new art, should I just make the holes and use the plugs, or is there a way to fill in the metal so that I only have 6 buttons showing?



This might not be the best way, but it does work:

Put a piece of metal or wood behind the two openings you want to cover (make sure you can get the other 6 buttons in with this in place).

Affix said metal/wood to the underside of the control panel by some secure method (construction strength hot melt glue would work well, get something ballsy though).

Fill the two openings with Bondo or a similar product. Follow the directions to let it cure.

Sand it flat.

Prime and paint.

I would not recommend using Bondo without good structural support behind it, so don’t skip the first few steps.


Actually that’s probably pretty close to the best way… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve patched several control panels with the same basic idea and it’s worked great. Get some art printed from mame marquees and you’re all set, or try and cut some plexi to fit.