Questions about U.S releases of Neo compilations

Currently, I only own the “Art of Fighting Anthology”, since I found it at a Circuit City bargain-bin for $10 and because it contains the entire series. Being familiar with the, ahem, ROMS already, I noticed a couple of glaring differences:

  • The “How to Play” tutorials were/are gone.

  • All of the Japanese voice-overs and kanji (i.e, Bonus Game title text) were removed, when they were in the original U.S AES/MVS version and even the SNES and PCE ports.

  • The way the “Art of Fighting” logo on AOF1 comes on screen is weird, as the “Fighting” freezes on the bottom of the screen for like a second before forming the logo. I’ve witnessed this on emus such as NeoRage as well, dunno if it was present in the original Neo.

  • There’s a couple of spelling (missing letters) and punctuation errors throughout the three games.

Out of all of these, its the first one that bothers me the most, as (going by YT videos) the Japanese Ryuuko no Ken compilation contained the tutorials, the Japanese voiceovers and whatnot. I just wanna know: have any of SNKP’s other recent U.S releases undergone any such changes, or is this just an isolated case? Or hell, were these “changes” carried over from the U.S AES versions?

Were the 480p modes removed as well?

From what I understand, Sony has very strict standards when it comes to American game localization. Unfortunately I can’t cite the specific example I’m referring to, but I do know of a case where a PS2 game had numerous Japanese voice samples removed in order to make it easier to clear the Sony approval process. These Japanese voice samples were not a major part of the game (and in fact may have been missed altogether by most players), but were removed nonetheless.

Going by AOFA’s manual, it mentions that they more or less outsourced translation work to some company called GIM2…or was that the company that developed the collections in Japan? Anyway, the re-inserting of English text and dialogue seemed kinda sloppy, ala Mega Man X Collection.

Hmm, finding out about this kind of has me concerned. Maybe Dark Geese has the solution.

With the World Heroes Anuthology & SNK Arcade Hits, Vol 1, I hope their isnt any problems with these (WHA 3-11-08 and SNK GH V1 4-28-08, FYI)