Questions about USB-hubs

Hello Tech Talk, I’m sorry if this has been already covered and if so then please point me in the right direction because I couldn’t find anything.

With the release of Street Fighter x Tekken our local group has faced a problem I kinda realized long ago but it still hit me in the face. We don’t have enough USB-ports on the PS3 to play 2-on-2. So my questions are:

  1. Is there known to be lag with USB-hubs?
  2. What model/type would you suggest if there is lag?

I was hoping any hub would do but some of my friends are pickier about it. Thanks in advance!

If you’re playing scramble mode, it won’t matter if there is lag.

Because you won’t know what the fuck is going on anyway.

Also, you can call your friends “stupid” from me.

USB hubs dont affect latency, as long as you’re not using more than 4 hubs in a row between the stick and system. One hub plugged into console with four hubs plugged into it and a bunch of sticks plugged into the hubs? No problem. console-hub-hub-hub-hub-stick could be a problem though.

I am curious on why you state that 4 becomes a problem? Of course, 4 is ridiculous anyways, but is there some technical reason?

so, the self powered usb hubs cannot handle long sessions (1hr +)
2 fried on me after trying to run a team tourney
then i went out and grabbed an external powered usb hub, specifically this one:

after about 4 hrs of play time, this one died on me as well.
anyone have any luck with usb hubs? i know that most people are playing on either old ps3s or the newer 360s (either of which i do not have)

thx in advance for the help.

five tier levels, including the root hub inside the console itself, means no more than 4 hubs in chain.

While I doubt many are playing on old-old PS3s (4 ports), that’s strange you have USB hubs dying after an hour.

I’ll make sure to call them stupid, but it’s not Scramble-mode we were supposed to play. We already did try that out, because it’s so retarded that controller preferences didn’t matter.

And Toodles thank you so much for that info!

just to clarify, the sticks being used were mad cats te’s, quanbas, eightarcs & horis.
not sure how many volts these sticks use, but every time we went to connect and dissconnect the sticks from the hubs, they would always be extremely hot to the touch.

like fry an egg on em hot.

All USB devices run on 5 volts. I am taking it that you just buy what ever cheap USB hub you see at Wall-mart or Target, maybe Best buy?

if you had scrolled up to my first post, i have the link to the usb hub in question there.
cheap, if you consider $20 cheap.

have you tried running 4 sticks off a hub on a system?

I was at a Casual on March 3, 2012.
We just used a Rockband USB Hub.

hmmm. how long was the casual?
like i mentioned before, we got about 3-4 hrs of playtime, then the hub just died on us.