Questions about using Madctaz TE PCB for replacement in a MAS stick

Not sure is anyone has ever done this before. I am selling to my TE case to a fellow srk member. My old MAS has a 360 wireless PCB hacked in it and I want to put something in there easier to dual mod. I am retaining all the wires and PCBs from the TE. Before I tear this thing apart I had a few questions:

  1. Can I solder from the main pcb to the Happ joystick? I know its wired for a JLF.
  2. Do I need to turbo PCB for the home button access or is there somewhere on the main pcb to solder to?
  3. I watched Shinjn’s videos on youtube, is it possible to remove the usb cable from the compartment? I looks too big on both ends to pull it through that hole.

Thanks guys.

You can do, yes.

No, do not need.

Have to desolder.

Hey thanks, I opened it up and it has that red goo all over so its hard to read the PCB. I see the gnd for the stick so that is easy. I am assuming I just daisy chain the 4 joystick ground to it. I do not see anything for the guide button. Does anyone know where to solder directly to the main pcb for the guide button?

One prong of button goes to any ground point. Other prong goes to pin labelled XGUILD.

Bottom-left of main PCB, there is B16 labeled.
That is for Guide.
Solder there.

If you do Turbo Panel, then XGUILD as Toodles say.
Or on the opposite side of main PCB, XGUILD also, which is B16 the other.

Not going to use the turbo panel. I found this pic on the net:

I dont see B16, In blue is where I will ground guide and stick inputs. You are saying in red will only work if I use the turbo panel?

The XGUILD pin is connected to B16 point in the back.
Solder to pin in the back, or B16.

And I said Turbo Panel is not needed.

Got it. I didnt take the board out.

One last question, I didn’t realize there was a little mic pcb or whatever that is at the end of the wire. Is there any way to get that thing out without ruining it? I am assuming I will not be able to use a mic at all without that little board. Unless there is a way to wire a mic on to the main PCB?

Forget it, I am not trying to get that thing out. Is there a way to wire a 360 headset right to the main PCB or at least run something that would mimic what that female headset jack in the front is doing?