Questions about using Template and Kinkos, turbo buttons

So i got a template and i got my custom art done for my HRAP1, but i have some questions from what to do here.

im thinking of going to go for the kinko’s Laminate Sticker (called something like that) route. i jus have concerns about the size of the print. how should i format my file for the kinko’s employee for a correct size print, or do i say something to him/her?

also, im thinking of taking out the turbo buttons so i could put my custom art over it, but theres a hole in its place if i did that. what would you guys do for this?

thank you very much in advance!

If it’s formatted right now, just tell them not to scale it and to print it actual size.

You should also get rid of your black lines. You think it will make it easier now, but it’s really just as easy to use the top panel on your stick as a guide. If you remove them now there is no chance of them showing up later.

Nice artwork also.

that adhesive laminate is called lamilabel. when i printed out my art, i just uploaded my pdf file to the website and printed it on tabloid paper. the scaling was perfect. i didn’t use the lamilabel, i just had it laminated and then used spray adhesive to glue it on to the metal plate.

i took off my turbo button. didn’t really cover it up with anything besides a piece of tape. the laminated artwork covers it up nicely and you can’t see anything. you can feel it slightly with your hand though.