Questions about XBL Voice Chat

I was wondering how exactly the voice chat in XBL works. If they have a microphone connected to their controller, the speaker symbol in the game lobby turns green, right?

If there are 2 “((” coming out of the controller, it means that they are talking?

Are there any ways to make voice output louder (sometimes I can hear them but its very faint, and it seems to only come out of the headset and not the TV speakers) for either my opponent or for me? (make my voice louder / make his louder)

Also out of curiosity, are there any limits to the trashtalk and such allowed during games? What I mean to say, is can you get punished by XBL for cursing and such if you are reported? And if so, what kind of penalties are there?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any clarification.

in the system setting menu on the dashboard or the preferences on the home button menu you can turn your mic up and set it the audio to come through the speakers and the headset…

oh and the two brackets means there talking!

as far as trash talk is fine just don’t go overboard people can report you but not to worry it seldom if ever has any consequence

I can help you.

The green speaker means their mic is plugged in, however, they might be in party chat. If it has ))) coming out of it, they are talking. If it’s grey, it’s unplugged.

For volume, go to (Guide Button), tab to the right, go into “preferences”. Here you can set it to come out of your TV as well, if you like, as well as change volume.

As for trash talking limits, you can say ANYTHING. There are rules, but they are not enforced (very well).