Questions concernig SSF2T

SNES SSF2 Questons + SSF2T Top Tiers
I was wondering if you guys could help me…I will be definetely going to the EVO tourney and will be playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. The only problem is I own the SNES Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers and not the Turbo version. :frowning:

Are there a lot of differences (such as new character moves, throws and specials) between the 2 versions or am I going to be all right by practicing using the SNES version of Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers? I also own Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3. I have heard that Ken and Ryu have been toned down from SSF2T. Is this true?

How about new characters?

I also would like to know the top tiers for SSF2T!

Any advice will be appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

If there are good websites out there(other than gamefaqs) with a lot of info on SSF2T please let me know.

Thanks in advance. And Good Luck to all in the EVO tournament!!!

Man… good luck. You better find a Super Turbo machine fast… and some good players… so much different…

SNManiac I reccomend you get the rom for it, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr get your ass to Goodtimes and practice with players over there in Hyper Fighting because it will be the closest thing you will get :lol: . ST scene is dead unless you come to CT and play DSP or VincentDelpino the only 2 LIVING ST players in the area.

You guys are stating to scare me…:confused: I also own Hyper Fighting for the SNES…Any good websites???

You have 2 option on doing this one is to get the rom for ST or the other way is to pick the original character.

How do you pick the original character? I have just got a copy of Street Fighter Now Loading…I mean Collection (which includes Super Turbo) so I will probably be ok!

To pick the original character’s is pretty easy. There is a easy way to figure it out. If you remember let’s say how to pick ryu and you want to pick ken. Just do it backwards what i mean is this. Just look at the bottom of what i am going to do. This is how it is setup on super street fighter 2 on the character secltion screen.

Ryu E-honda Blanka Guile T.hawk Dee Jay Balrog Sagat
Ken Chun-li Zangief Dhalsim Cammy Fei Long Vega Bison


R- Right
L- Left
D- Down
U- Up

I hope you can see the pattern for example Ryu is RRRL and Ken is LLLR. So you just do the other way around if its a RRRL change right to left and left to right. This also goes for up and down. The only with out the pattern are the 4 bosses which is Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison.

There is one more pattern if it help you Ryu has RRRL and Blana has LRRR. Just revise it backwards like look in a mirror. So on and so on with the other character but you must skip one charcacter to go to the other.

Edit it did not come out good the charcacter selcation but i hope you understand.

I will try it out and no, I don’t understand exactly but thanks anyways!!!

Remember that I am talking about Street Fighter Collection Version and not the Arcade Version!!!