Questions. First-time modder wants to make HRAP EX work with Wii

Had HRAP EX for xb360. LOVE IT

bought the MadCatz TvC stick. HATE IT

I’ve never done any serious modding before but now is the time to learn. I’m going to get a soldering iron, watch me some instructional youtube vids, and go nuts. But I need your help. The first thing that I’m going to try is to take the guts out of my HRAP and replace them with a wired Nyko Wing

Here’s what I see happening, ideally:

a) attempt to desolder wires from the HRAP’s joystick

b) solder quick disconnects to the wires i just desoldered so that I can easily reconnect them in the future
c) solder wires and disconnects to the Nyko

QUESTION 1: do you see any problems with the above steps?

QUESTION 2: what kind of wire do I need to buy? got a link?

QUESTION 3: will these quick disconnects be fine? and for the joystick tabs

QUESTION 4: What’s the best way to remove the hot glue?

QUESTION 5: since I can’t really find any diagrams for what to solder where for the Nyko, is using trial and error safe? what i’m most concerned about is wiring the ground to the signal contact and vice versa and potentially ruining something (is that possible?)

Really though since this is my first time soldering I will likely fail and persue one or more of my contingency plans. I might have to replace the joystick, I might decide to then use this joystick in my MadCatz TvC stick. So here are a couple more questions regarding that:

QUESTION 4: I want to try the seimitsu stick

but it’s only got 2 contacts for each switch. The sanwa that came with my HRAP EX has 3 tabs for each switch but only the NO (not the NC) and the ground tabs are connected. What’s going on w/ the LS-32? What are those 2 tabs?

QUESTION 5: My Madcatz TvC stick uses a 5-pin connector

I may want to put the seimitsu in the TvC stick. Is it possible to convert a standard tabbed joystick to a 5-pin? How do you do it?

Thanks for reading.

Nothing wrong steps.

Any wire you want.

Quick Disconnects correct.

I don’t know how to remove hot glue in cool way, except peeling with fingers.

Seimitsu LS-32 has NO and COM.

Yes, can make Joystick with Terminal Tab Microswitch to work.
Just connect all the Grounds together.
Then have four Signal and Ground.

No way to really connect to the 5-pin Harness though.
Can cut off connector and use Terminal Strip.
Or cut off and splice wires together.


noob question:

Previously i thought that i was supposed to solder to the interweaving contacts that the buttons actually touch. But this diagram says to use these square contacts (circled in blue). That’s fine and good, but where do I solder the ground for each button? does it not matter which ground i use (i.e. i can solder them ALL to ANY of the areas circled in black?

That is right.
You can use all, or you can use one.

Common Ground, so you can just Daisy-chain all your Button Grounds.
And have only one Ground wire soldered to Wii PCB.

LoL is that why you didnt respond when i asked for tekken stick?

i like to use a hair dryer or personal heater. set on most powerful heat and lowest wind. do about 6 inches away from where you are doing and for about 30-60 seconds it will come off very easy. i have done this many times now with no damage to any pcb

What’s the issue with the TvC stick anyway? If it’s the parts, just swap them in with Sanwas. Heck want to save money, just swap the spring in the TvC stick with a Sanwa one. The microswitches are Omron microswitches similar to what Sanwa uses.

Also, for the stick I recommend getting a TP-MA and using a 5 pin wiring harness instead of soldering directly to the microswitches (or transplant the PCB from the TvC stick). That way, if you want a Seimitsu, you can just get an LS-32-01 with PCB that can use the same wiring harness.

Are they Omron?

They have the name ‘Qmsron’ moulded on them, so always assumed they were just some bastard Sanwa counterfeit like the rest of the stock SE joystick.

TvC stick uses Omron D3V-16-3A5 microswitches on a custom PCB harness (since they can’t use the same one as the TP-MA for certain reasons), unlike the straight up China-made TP-MA clone in the original SE.*

You can read more about the new and improved parts on the TVC stick here.

*You have to remember that the TvC stick does not use the same parts as the SE.

Hurm… then they should be better than the stock SE microswitches then. Thanks for that link - at least they upgraded this when releasing the TVC stick.

I love d3v and OMRON D3V Microswitches. :blush: