Questions for a new stick

I know you’ve all gotten alot of these types of questions about sticks, as understood by the stickies. But bear with me please (and yes it is one of those questions).

So… I’ve always used D-pads (SNES personally is the best), I’ve never been that big into arcades (nasty memory as a child: They wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t 21) so I don’t know crap about sticks. But I’m wanting to learn sticks…because Capcom/SNK continue to program badly (or is it the xbox d-pad?).

Anyhow, I want a stick and I’ve been eyeing the "Pro Fighting 3 for PS3"

Thing is I don’t know if it’s any good. Everyone who knows fighting knows of Hori. The USB is a + for me. But the lack of an xbox communicator slot (headphones) is troubling, I play on xbox live and plan to get a 360 (yes the SF2HDR has swayed me into buying a 360, xbox live will have the best online play). Also I want the USB for PC play. So I guess the question is:

Is there a stick for the 360 that is anywhere near the caliber of the Hori stick? Or will I have to buy a XBOX/USB (do they sell those?) converter for the SF anniversary stick? Please keep in mind that a slot for the xbox headphones is a deal breaker. As in I need one. Should I go with the DOA stick? which is better (SF2 anniversary or DOA stick? Can someone help a stick “n00b”?

Thank you for your responses.

Yes. No such thing. Yes. Depends on whether xbox360 and a headet support is a dealbreaker. Maybe.


btw, hori’s releasing a new stick to celebrate the release of vf5 for the xbox360, and if your a big fan of the live port (and can go either way the button/style styles)
get a custom stick!

Awesome! Looks like I’m gonna wait for that stick to be released. Thanks Button!

Also thanks to you Toodles.


ima call you button from now on :rofl::rofl: