Questions for a new-to-fighting-games Rose player



Hey Rose players!

Over the last few days, my fiancee has decided that she’d like to take a try at fighting games (beyond button mashing & churning butter), particularly USF4. I’m always encouraging this kind of stuff because I love playing games with her, and if she played fighting games, that’d be completely awesome. She tried a few different characters and thus far, seems to really like Rose. So far, I’ve gotten her to do a few of the trials, and she’s just done some playing against the CPU to get used to moving around.

But now I’m wondering what the best way to truly get started is? I figure Rose isn’t bad for someone starting fresh, because in a sense, she seems to have some of the same tools as the shoto characters. (I don’t know for sure as I’m a Juri player through & through) I’m thinking just get comfortable with the normals first? Learn them through and through? Any advice is appreciated. :slight_smile:


Rose is a great character to learn the game with I’d figure. Low execution, simple gameplay, and doesn’t encourage DP mashing. Hit confirm combo being a 1f link is eh for someone new, but that’s not necessary to play her at a basic functional level anyways. Learning to play using mainly her normals is totally viable I’d say with far range moves in far/cr hk, mid-range with mk, and cr. hp anti-air. I mean if someone can press her buttons and do cr. mp xx spiral that’s halfway to mastering the character ;P.