Questions for anyone who switched from a Qanba Q4RAF to a Hori RAP4 Kai

I apologize if this could have gone in one of the stickies. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

I have a set of questions specifically for anyone who’s switched from a Qanba Q4RAF to a Hori RAP4 Kai for the newest console gen. I’m looking to buy a PS4 stick, but I wanted to know what I’m getting myself into with that one.

  • First of all, how does the feel compare? I was looking through the specs and it seems like the HRAP is a little taller and about half the weight. I’m particularly concerned about the weight. Does it feel like it’s heavy enough to sit still in your lap or on a table without moving much? And on that note, I noticed that DOA HRAP has rubber feet and the Kai has a padded bottom, but the Qanba has both, so if I go to the Kai I’ll be losing my rubber feet. Not sure why they got rid of those for the Kai when the DOA had it. How does that feel in your lap? Does it sit still enough? I don’t know what the padding texture is like on that, but the Qanba clings really well. How well does the HRAP sit on a table without the rubber feet? Does the padding provide any grip there?

  • How are the stick and buttons? Seems people like the Hayabusa well enough, but don’t really like the Kuro buttons. Honestly, that’s fine. I’ve got a couple dozen or so Sanwa buttons just lying around if I don’t like the Kuro buttons. I heard that they’re not really going to mesh well with people who prefer Sanwas, though. I think I might even have a spare JLW lying around if I don’t like the Hayabusa.

  • How’s the moddability? It sounds like you’ll have to go in through the bottom, same as the Qanba, so I’m not super worried about that. Is it just as easy to swap out parts? If I choose to stick with the Hayabusa, will Sanwa gates still fit it? (I use an octagonal.) I saw that Art’s Hobbies has had plexis and art prints for it since the summer, so does anyone have experience with that? Does the bottom middle screw get in the way and should I consider ordering without the hole cut? Or does it not bother you? Should I bother trying to remove the sticker on the metal plate or just cut holes to get to the screws? I had a Mad Catz SE, too, so I know that stripping the stickers from those plates can be a huge pain. I’m guessing it won’t fit very well if the sticker is still on and I try to put art on top with a plexi, though.

  • How is the difference in input/lag? Looking at the PCB of my Qanba, I’ve got one of the newer ones. Checking the input lag thread, it looks like the newer Q4RAFs and the HRAP4K in PS4 mode have roughly the same input delay (~1ms difference). Anyone with a newer Qanba noticed any significant difference?

Again, sorry if this wasn’t the right way to go about asking, but also thanks in advance for anyone who can provide some answers.

EDIT: This may answer one of my questions, but I found a video about the gate replacement on the Hayabusa. Assuming they didn’t change this between the HRAP4 and the HRAP4K, it looks like I’ll be running into that same issue. Assuming that’s the case and I take the easy way out by swapping in a spare JLW, how easy is that in this stick?


Quick impressions based on your thread title:

I prefer the Q4RAF over the Kai. Kuro buttons are pretty much trash to me. Hayabusa lever is ok, but i’m more of Sanwa guy. Q4RAF feels more solid as it is heavier. Form factor, Q4RAF still wins. The Kai is a good travel stick though.