Questions for my project


So I took on the task of getting some fighting sticks made up for my 360 and PS2/PS3. This is my first project so I decided to make it a bit easier by modding some old sticks I had sitting around. I am using the Agetec Green Goblin and a Hori T5 stick. It looks like I will be making the Agetec into a 360 stick and the T5 for PS. It would be nice to make both of these dual platform or even at least one of them but not sure how difficult it will be to do that. I am a complete soldering n00b so hopefully I can get all this to work. Here is what I am working with:

2 Sanwa JLF’s
12 obsf-30’s
4 PS-14
Octo gates for both JLF’s
2 seimitsu bubbletop’s

So far I have gotten pretty far on the project. I have cut 2 holes into the Agetec for the 24’s and I have also cut plexiglass to the specifications of both sticks. I have the pilot holes drilled for the JLF’s on both sticks. i will be using the metal bracket that the JLF comes with on the T5. I broke off the T5 bracket in anticipation before reading that I could have kept it on. I am also in the process of painting the Agetec to a gloss black. So here are a few questions (sorry for taking so long):

  1. Does it matter what orientation the JLF’s are installed?

  2. What are better buttons to map for the 5th and 6th button? RB,LB, or LT,RT? I am using a Madcatz Live Arcade PCB.
    Is it alright to use a PSX PCB for PS2 PS3? I have a PSX digital, PSX DS, and PS2 DS2. Which should I use simplicity wise?

  3. How important is Select? I only have 2 24 buttons per stick and on the 360 the Guide button is pretty important. Should I have it with Start and Select or Start and Guide?

4)Will I be missing a lot by not having a PS3 Home button?

  1. Where can I get Quick Disconnects for the buttons? Preferably a Brick & Mortar instead of online, trying to finish this this weekend.

Sorry for the barrage of questions but like I said, total n00b here. Any help will be greatly appreciated. i am also documenting a lot of the project and will post that up soon.


Line spacing probably would have gotten you a quicker response. I’ll grab what I can here:

LB and RB can be soldered without additional work. The triggers require resistors and are a different beast altogether.

Use a PS1 DS. It’s the easiest to wire and has great compatibility with converters.

Start and Guide. Guide is used infinitely more than Select/Back.

See above.

Radio Shack, Fry’s, or apparently Home Depot.


Ok so how do I wire a home button for PS3 if I use a PSX DS?