Questions for Ryu/Ken/Akuma players

How do you uppercut so quick after being knocked down? Are you using some special controller? I was just playing this guy online and as soon as i would knock him down he would uppercut me before his back even hit the ground…

It’s not possible to dragon punch while you are still on the floor. If that’s what you saw, then it was probably lag or rollback. Try looking for lobbies or players with 100 ping or less.

A lot of people use arcade sticks, but wakeup dragon punches are not hard at all. I do them fine on an Xbox 360 dpad. All we do is input the motion when we are on the floor and unable to move and press punch so we time it when we are just on the first frame of being able to move again.

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Why is N. bi-son not banned? he can do a 5 hit combo and make birdies appear with paralyzing venom.

did you see a “Reversal” message on the screen?

When you hit someone out of the air, it isn’t always a knockdown.

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Burden of proof is on you, but you have seemed to calmed down alot since you first showed up…

My guess is that the game was hella laggy because it is completely impossible to be knocked down/on your back and srk immediately…

If you knock somebody out the air with a jumping attack, then it’s not a knockdown…

And… Akuma is a broken character easily better than anyone in the game and is banned in tournaments… why do you think everyone avoids him except for the grade A scrubs…

some knockdowns are pretty fast. I knock someone down with a sweep or blanka elec and the difference is huge.

anyways are you seeing reversal message.

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Here’s a refresher.

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