Questions from someone new - Skullgirls on Steam

Hello everyone, I’m posting here 'cause I just saw the Skullgirls preorder on Steam. I used to play fighting games casually a LONG time ago (the tekken 3 days) and I loved SF 3rd Strike but could never play it online/seriously.

I couldn’t stand SF4 so I ended up stopping to follow and play fighting games at all for years. Basically I’ll pick up this game as a complete neophyte. I honestly dislike the anime-ish giant breasts catfight art style but the mechanics are intriguing and the anti-infinite sounds refreshing.

So here’s a few questions while I put my 14€ on the dish and download / install the beta

  1. The game’s gonna feature DLC characters. Is there any guarantee this won’t become a pay 2 win flick? I don’t mind tiers but you know what I mean.
  2. Is this a good game to learn the ropes in fighting games?
  3. Is it gonna suck if I use an XBOX controller
    4) On Steam it says you’ll access the beta if you preorder. Does it mean I get to play the beta here and now? Okay apparently I do :smiley:
  1. No, the DLC characters will be free for the first 3 months so pay to win probably won’t be an issue. Mike also makes changes a lot, good changes.

  2. Yes, SG’s tutorial mode teaches you about the game, its characters, and other things that you can carry over to other fighter (blocking mix-ups, etc.)

  3. It shouldn’t, but there are better options than 360 controller.

  1. DLC characters were funded through an Indiegogo fundraiser. When a DLC character is finished, he/she/it (One character is a robot clone) will be available in the store FREE of charge for 3 months. If you download a character during the 3 month period, you get to keep them permanently without paying money, unless you somehow lose your Steam account. Let’s just say a DLC character is released on 1st September, but you decide to get them 3 months later after 1st of December, then you’ll be charged. DLC stages and voicepacks will be free of charge all the time.

Also, the game has a small cast and it’s more or less balanced. The Top 8 tourney at EVO had 7/8 characters represented. There will be a new rebalance patch after the PC version gets released, which will also come to consoles. The only character who wasn’t represented (Painwheel) got buffed in the new version.

  1. It has a great tutorial, but be aware that the PC version got delayed for a year and Online has a lot of experienced players who played the game on PS3 and Xbox 360. Don’t be scared by this, but just treat it as a learning experience. The Skullheart site is down at the moment, but the forum has a lot of beginner guides and matchmaking threads. Your only option is hitting up the Skullheart IRC Chatroom if you want advice from more experienced players -

  2. I can’t answer this, because I play on an Arcade Stick and I used to play on PS Dualshock pads. The Pad Players I know don’t like Xbox pads for Fighting games, but this is personal preference. I know some SG players who play the game on keyboard and they’re enjoying it.

Also, the game is very different from SF4. It takes inspiration from mostly old-school fighters like Marvel Vs Capcom 2 or Guilty Gear. Combos are mostly simple chains, you can block in the air and some characters like Ms. Fortune or Filia can pressure with Instant Airdashes. The 2nd DLC character Big Band is inspired by 3rd Strike’s Q and he will have a Parry move, but the mechanic will be different from 3s parries.

This is what made me pick it up. The only other game that caught my interest was Blazblue but I didn’t like some things about it and I was picking up other games so I scrapped it.

That’s almost too good to be true. Getting everything for 14€ is amazing

That’s great. I actually like the fact there’s a small pool of characters, that’s a plus in my book since they’re all well designed. Squiggly looks hard as heck

Got it. I’ll go through the story meanwhile, hopefully with Steam the player base will grow

Thanks a lot Vlad / Keith for the answers

And from what little I’ve played so far this game is a little gem, it really has that old school feel I thought lost. And the art style has a lot more to it than I thought as well. The animations are outstanding and I love the humor. I haven’t seen anything this well made in a long time though Valentine really challenges my concentration